9 Cocktail Dresses You Don't Have To Dry Clean

Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal.
Is your inbox blowing up with RSVP's? Yep, it's that time of year: Everyone and their mother and their second-cousin-once removed is getting together to fete the warm weather. As if penciling in all these rendezvous wasn't tricky enough, timing your trips to the dry cleaners to ensure your party wear is spick-and-span can be nearly impossible. We'd rather take matters into our own hands, thank you very much — which is why we consider machine-washable cocktail dresses such game changers. 

Let's blow the convention that the best festive frocks are hand-wash only out of the water: The amazing and washer-friendly pieces ahead will win you just as many compliments at your next social function — not to mention save you some time and pocket change. 
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It was love at first machine wash with this crochet-meets-appliqué midi-dress.
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Don't be thrown off by the contrast lace: The mix of nylon, cotton, and polyester will safely make it through your machine.
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Sexy and satiny, this patterned dress can run in a wash up to 85ºF. (However, be wary: The acetate-viscose blend will not fare well in tumble dry.)
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Viscose may be a tricky fabric to figure out, but this lovely, draped number gets the green light when washed on a cold, gentle cycle.
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This hot, thigh-high slit dress is best cared for with the rest of your cold-wash wears.
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This short-hemmed, high-necked number answers two common dilemmas: firstly, how to get away with denim at a party; and, second, how to get away with avoiding the cleaners (hint: with this cotton/spandex blend).
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Short, sweet, and 100% cotton — this frock is safe in the machine at up to 86ºF in a gentle cycle.
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Cut it out with the cleaners: This breezy, cotton sundress will look just as good after sudsing with the rest of your clothes.
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That benefit-turned-dance-party ain't got nothing on you: Simply throw your fancy duds in with the rest of your laundry the next day.
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