Inside The Closet Of BCBGMAXAZRIA's Leading Lady

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on June 12.]
We pretty much had to pick up our jaws off the marble floors upon stepping inside Lubov Azria's Holmby Hills estate, dubbed La Maison du Soleil. A glass waterfall chandelier spills from a towering ceiling, hovering over a rustic custom wood table that the BCBGMAXAZRIA CCO dreamt up after a trip to the Rose Bowl.
Of course, it's this zany juxtaposition that's echoed in Azria's countless eclectic and affordable collections. Naturally, once we got to her closet — which the full-on family gal benevolently allows her daughters Anais, Agnes, and Chloe to dip into — we practically had to pop a pill to calm the butterflies.
Packed with Alaïa, Balenciaga, and Valentino for days, and peppered with vintage treasures from across the globe, this storage space takes over-the-top to new heights. Don't believe us? Take a virtual tour through her space right here, plus get major intel on what makes Azria's stylish mind tick. Trust, she's the absolute embodiment of bon chic, bon genre.
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What's your favorite L.A. weekend activity?
"Whether it's heading to the beach or going on a great hike (you can actually do both in Malibu!), there are simply too many options in L.A.!"

Do you have an ideal weekend outfit?
"To me, L.A. is a melting pot that fosters the best in breed of personal and versatile style. You never know if you'll find yourself on Rodeo Drive or Silver Lake Boulevard. With great personal style, you can fit in anywhere."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Your closet is so gorgeous. Is it more of a private retreat for you or a communal spot for you and your daughters?
"I don't think I have a choice! With five daughters, my closet is often a free for all. Luckily, I'm allowed mornings."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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You obviously have a penchant for white lace (us, too!), how was that love sparked?
"My love for white lace was sparked with vintage lingerie — it always stays with you."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What trends do you see becoming big in the next few seasons?
"Color continues to be a big trend. But I believe trends are never completely done with — if you incorporate your own style, you can bring a trend back and make it your own. Because individual style, with a sartorial touch, will always be in."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Who dishes out the most fashion/styling advice in the family between yourself, your husband, and your daughters?
"Definitely my daughters! They are my toughest, yet most honest critics, and I love them for that!"

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Did you have the closet built out with your personal needs in mind? What was the process like?
"Lucikly, I started with a great space that already took care of my fundamental needs: Large size, good lighting, and full-length mirrors. With the basics covered, everything else was icing. I definitely took into consideration functionality: Hanging versus shelving, cabinets versus roll-out trays, even boots versus flats. In the end, it wasn't a science. And getting down to the details is too limiting and defining. So, I turned my attention away from the math of it all and focused on what environment I wanted to create. As you know, with so many daughters, my closet becomes a haven for women between the ages of 15 and 30. Therefore, I incorporated plush carpet and seating to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Love your shoe collection! Where are your favorite places in Los Angeles to shop for shoes? What about online?
"I'm an online junkie! For shoes, it's hard to say, I'm not a one-stop shop type of gal. I love the hunt."

Your accessories are also amazing. Between your hats, bags and jewelry, which do you favor most for the perfect statement-making piece?
"All of the above!"

Photographed by Maia Harms
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How have your daughters influenced your designs and/or your own style? How do you think your daughters’ individual styles have evolved over the years?
"My daughters’ unique styles and personalities are so important to me. However, I don’t advise my kids on fashion because for them it’s intimidating. They want to prove their own style because they come from us. I come up with ideas for the collections from watching how they dress. One daughter is super casual, which is reflected in some sweater dresses in the BCBG line. Another loves jackets, so we created some jackets with an edge for the collection. It’s a journey for them. Each one has a unique journey she is embarking on, and I support them wholeheartedly."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Where do you draw the most inspiration for your designs?
"I am most inspired by the people that I work with on a daily basis. My peers, designers, and incredibly creative team inspire me with their own personal style. Inspiration comes from something that moves inside you to make it your own. I am also inspired by art. Architecture, Pop Art, and installations inspire me to think outside the box and play with different elements to create new and innovative designs."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Who is your ultimate style icon?
"My grandmother."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What advice would you give to a budding designer?
"When I see a budding designer, I see a lot of myself in them. I can relate to them when I was in their shoes. I always advise them with what I tell myself every day: Work hard, stay focused on your vision, and follow your dreams. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, 'Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.'"

Photographed by Maia Harms
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With so much on your plate, how do you manage to do it all? Do you have any time-management tips? What's your favorite thing to do to unwind after a long day/week?
"My favorite thing to do to unwind is go to the Korean spa! A full-body exfoliation and deep-tissue massage always seems to solve life’s problems. But balance is key. I am so passionate and love what I do professionally, but the key to maintaining the balance in your life is to be inspired every single day. Every morning when I wake up, I am always thinking of how I can make today better than yesterday. I constantly want to grow, learn, and be inspired. Taking time for myself and doing what I love is important to staying grounded."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What's your happiest memory that happened in the closet?
"Designing the dream closet for Max. I still have the original blueprints for a custom-designed, state-of-the-art Man Room that was modern, yet sophisticated and elegant. In its original designs, the Man Room had built in TVs, a kitchenette, a cologne bar, and a speaking Toto. But, through the evolution of design and the fear of never seeing my husband, we ended up just keeping the TV, ha!"

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What are some of your favorite pieces from the current collection?
"Picking a favorite piece from the collection is like picking a favorite child! I love all the pieces equally in different ways. For resort, it was all about color. Fun, bright, primary colors that really pop."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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With so many gals in the house, what's the closet-raiding situation like? Are they more likely to raid each other’s or yours?
"We love raiding each other’s closets. Each one of us has such a distinct and unique style — we all own a piece of each other’s style. My daughter Chloe is obsessed with scarves. So, whenever we need a scarf, we can just raid her closet. It’s like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf in our house."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What are your favorite beauty rituals? What is the most important piece of beauty advice you want to pass down to your daughters?
"Keep your body hydrated and constantly fuel yourself with foods that work for you, not against you."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Besides BCBGMAXAZRIA, who are your go-to designers?
"I’m a big fan of the designs coming out of Japan: Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe are true innovators in the industry. I admire designers who can truly look outside the box and create art that's ahead of our time. These are the designers who make a difference in the fashion industry with their unimaginable pieces."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What is your most recent purchase that sent you over the moon, and where did you get it?
"Every time I'm in New York, I'm drawn to ABC Carpet. And my secret obsession is lighting fixtures. Is it odd that I love chandeliers?"

Please share your favorite vintage shopping spots in L.A. and across the globe!
"In L.A., it’s all about the Melrose Trading Post because it’s close to home! In Japan, there's a new wave of street markets, it's an afternoon of Coachella meets Rose Bowl. And in London, I always have to stop by Portobello Road Market. In Paris, it’s all about finding the good closets. Europe has such a great respect for the past. They're just more diligent in the art of archiving. The best closets are definitely located in Paris."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Even your dog is a furry fashion maven! Who spearheads control of his wardrobe?
"My youngest daughter Agnes is Jasper’s personal stylist. There’s a saying that goes, 'Dogs are often said to look like their owner.' The two of them share similar wardrobes, have a mutual love for vintage clothes, and above all, they love being the center of attention! One time, during a photo shoot at the house, Jasper kept walking into every shot! Finally, with a quick wardrobe change, Agnes put a sweater on him, and he was allowed to take part in the family’s shoot."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What's the most important piece of fashion advice you want to pass down to your daughters and fans of your brand?
"Stay true to yourself and take time for you. Only when you start taking care of yourself can you take care of others."

Photographed by Maia Harms