This Is Not Your Everyday Love Advice

No matter how many romantic comedies we watch, advice columns we read, or love songs we listen to, the truth is that there’s no perfect way to navigate a relationship. And, though it’s scary to admit, we’re all going at it a bit blind. Whether you’ve got a steady S.O., are in the midst of an emotionally exhausting “Where is this going?” talk, or are exploring love of the non-romantic sort, it’s only natural to wish for a guide.

So, in our final installment of Beauty Nation’s The New Provocateurs, we teamed up with Revlon to hear from seven leaders who've made it their professions to learn about, and guide others through, the ins and outs of love, relationships, and sex. If you want the lowdown on how a matchmaker can be more modern than a Tinder swipe, or why breaking off an engagement is sometimes the best idea, read on, and meet the daring women who’ve chosen to wear their hearts on their sleeves as their jobs. All the tough love you ever wanted, straight ahead.

Let’s Talk About Love: Behind-The-Scenes At The Beauty Nation Shoot

When it comes to the matters of love and romance — whether you’re in the beginning stages with a brand-new crush, you’re calling it quits, or you’re about to say your wedding vows — our favorite relationship experts all agree: Be bold.
Take a peek behind the scenes at our Beauty Nation: The New Provocateurs shoot, where we highlight seven women who are trailblazing in the professional field of love. And, since so much flirting happens nonverbally, these risk takers aren’t afraid to be adventurous with their makeup looks, too. Click play to see the mauve eyebrows, vampy oxblood lips, and turquoise cat-eyes made with Revlon. Who knows? These makeup looks may help spice up more than just your beauty routine.
Shot by Owen Levelle; Sound by Jesse Flaitz; Edited by Amanda Madden.