Louise Roe's Fashion Week Diary Gives Us Shoe Envy, Jack Daniels, And Some Puppy Love

We always admire our cross-Atlantic fashion friends, which is why we didn't hesitate to ask It-Brit Louise Roe to photograph her favorite moments from NYFW. The hilarious and stunning West Coast transplant--she recently took the move from London to L.A. to do hosting gigs on E! and Vogue TV--is also known for her columns for Elle and The Observer. Check out her snapshots of her week in the Big Apple to see urban cowboys, puppy love, and some seriously stylish Barbies.
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Touch down from LA, in the snowy city!
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Heidi Klum's bun(s).
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Urban cowboy at Alice + Olivia.
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I'm a '"fan" of Kenmare; I checked it out at the Prabal Gurung after party
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"Hot To Trot" in the Meatpacking
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The closest I got to any kissing on Valentine's Day, at the Standard Grill :(
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My friend's room (not mine!)...perhaps taking Ke$ha's advice to "brush our teeth with a bottle of Jack" a little too literally...
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Barbies and boobs at Bergdorf!
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Me, signing off to Alicia Keyes' "New York"... Bye Bye Big Apple!
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Q: "What's the sexiest kind of sequin Christos?" A: "One you can't see." Loves it!
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Praise be to Jeremy Scott, making style a religion.