1 Girl, 4 Looks: Lou Dickinson Mixes NYC Street With MIA Sun

We’ve all got one: a venerable bucket list of where we’d love to live "someday." And, along with Paris, Tokyo, Manhattan, and pretty much any city in Italy, Miami ranks pretty high up there. Maybe it’s the perpetually movie-like sunny weather, the rich cultural mix, the insanely good food…and yes, that weather again…we could go on. Such was the case with lovely NYC transplant, Lou Dickinson, who along with her husband decided to relocate "on the fly!" And what a good move it was. The former Brooklynite and sometimes-blogger is thriving in her spacious new digs and has her sights set on a new mixed-designer boutique. Given her own classic-modern take on personal style, we have a feeling a Lou-curated clothing store would do just fine in the 305 mix. In fact, we asked this Miami newbie to whip up four outfits that are not only perfect for her new climate but can also easily jet-set between her favorite cities. To get a closer look at Lou’s true love of wardrobe staples, red lipstick, and all things Margiela, just click through. Yep, we’re a little jealous, too.
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Name: Lou Dickinson

Occupation: “Currently, I’m working for a plastic surgeon, Leonard Tachmes, at the Miami Beach Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa. However, my background is varied. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising from FIT as well as being licensed in aesthetics. Really, my goal is to open a small shop someday here in Miami. There are so many outstanding designers and brands that aren’t represented here at all. I also have a little blog called Grès Matter, which mostly consists of inspiring photos of fashion and art. It helps keep me connected to the things I’m most passionate about even if I’m not working in fashion at the moment.”

Photography by Karla Garcia

Lou wears an Osklen tank top and jacket, Current/Elliot denim shorts, Jeffrey Campbell lace-up shoes, a necklace and bar ring from MEDUSSAS, and a wooden bracelet purchased on the street.
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Hometown: “I grew up in a VERY small farming town in South Carolina, called Bishopville. I’m not even sure you could find it on a map. The town had only two stop lights.”

Photography by Karla Garcia
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You used to be a beloved Brooklynite...what made you move to Miami?
“My husband and I are pretty spontaneous. We were engaged on our second date! While trying to decide if we wanted to renew our lease in Brooklyn or move to the West Village for a shorter commute the option of moving somewhere warmer came up and in minutes we made the decision. The short winter days can be brutal. Now it’s sunny all the time!”

Photography by Karla Garcia
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Since leaving NYC, what do you miss the most?
“I really pine for interesting multi-brand shops, magazine stores brimming with titles I can’t get here, and the daily inspiration of just being on the streets of New York. And of course, what I miss more than anything is my friends. You know who you are!”

Photography by Karla Garcia
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What do you love most about your Miami lifestyle?
“I love spending time outdoors year-round. And, being able to have a much bigger apartment! We just moved into a two-bedroom with the most expansive terrace. I’m going to have a little herb garden out there, very soon.”

Photography by Karla Garcia

Lou wears: A silk dress by Life With Bird, YSL blue suede platform heels, a wooden necklace purchased at a vintage shop on St. Marks in New York, a bar ring from MEDUSSAS, and bracelets bought on the street!
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Describe your style?
“Simple but interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I love crazy prints, but I find that the simpler the piece, the more versatile it really is.”

Photography by Karla Garcia
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How has it changed or been influenced since living in a warmer climate?
“I do tend to wear more color, a lot more than before. Also, I would have NEVER worn shorts in New York. Being forced to adapt to the hot climate has definitely changed this.”

Photography by Karla Garcia
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What do you love about the Miami culture?
“It’s really great being somewhere so laid back. I’m not always rushing around trying to get to the next place. I find it makes my time off much more enjoyable.”

Photography by Karla Garcia
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Favorite place for a date night?
“Dinner at Mandolin Aegean Bistro. Mandolin is a fantastic restaurant with Greek and Turkish fare. The outdoor space is charming, very romantic, and the food is SO delish!”

Photography by Karla Garcia

Lou is wearing a sheer tank from American Apparel, Clu neon red pants, silver oxfords made by J. Crew, a BCBG jacket on the back of the chair, Alexander Wang sunglasses, and a beaded necklace from Patricia Field's.
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Rocking a perfect pair of silver loafers that look oh-so-shiny in the Miami sun.

Photography by Karla Garcia
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Favorite store you can't ever leave without buying something?
"I can’t resist Opening Ceremony. I know, that’s not Miami but it’s my weakness. Here, my favorite is Alchemist or Margiela. Alchemist is the closest thing to OC in Miami. They always have great shoes and bags as well as a lot of my favorite designers. Margiela is my ultimate love though, or Balenciaga.”

Photography by Karla Garcia
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Favorite place to get pampered?
The Standard. I never get tired of going there. It’s always super relaxing and not as scene-y as other places. There’s no better way to relax than a day by the pool, a mud bath, and a massage!”

Photography by Karla Garcia

Lou wears MAC Lady Danger lipstick, a J.Crew striped top and black pants, an Alexander Wang handbag, a 3.1 Phillip Lim leather bracelet and spike ring, a Wendy Nichol ring, and her Delfina Delettrez wedding ring (worn throughout).
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Lou carrying her gorgeous 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour bag.

Photography by Karla Garcia
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Best destination for a lazy, long lunch?
Michael’s Genuine! Yes, my husband is the wine director for Michael’s, but it was my favorite place before and is still my favorite, no matter what. The menu has lots of small plates, so you can have a little bit of everything. Also, the desserts are divine! I usually prefer savory over sweet, but this one of the only places I go that I can’t leave without having a sweet treat.”

Photography by Karla Garcia
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Favorite field trip in Miami?
“Taking a day trip to Islamorada is always amazing but staying the night is even better. The Moorings is such a great little place to stay. It’s like a mini holiday that’s only an hour and a half drive away. In fact, I wish I could go right now!”

Photography by Karla Garcia