The BEST Instagrams For Summer Inspiration

Photo: via @studiodiy.
If there's ever a time to stop pressing the refresh button, give those thumbs a rest, and try and break free of our escalating insta-addictions, summer would definitely be it. (After all, iPhones don't do well with sand or sea water.) That said, with all the gems popping up on our feed these days, we're thinking we'll wait until next summer to take that hiatus. And, in the mean time, we're just gonna go all-in. We've rounded up the eight L.A. Instagram accounts serving up some serious summertime inspiration. Check them out, follow your favorites, and then think about stashing your phone for an unencumbered frolic in the sun.
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Photo: via @studiodiy.
What: @studiodiy.
Who: L.A.-based DIY blogger Kelly Lanza.
Why: Candy-colored photos and wildly fun, super-easy DIY projects.
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Photo: via @studiodiy.
Well, these are stunning.
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Photo: Via @heirloomla.
What: @heirloomla
Who: L.A.-based catering company Heirloom LA.
Why: Delicious eats made from fresh, local produce.
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Photo: Via @heirloomla.
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Photo: via @oliveandjune.
What: @oliveandjune
Who: Beverly Hills nail salon Olive & June.
Why: Perfect summer nail-art inspo for your next mani!
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Photo: via @oliveandjune.
Blue skies ahead.
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Photo: via @mooncanyon.
What: @mooncanyon.
Who: Kristen Caissie of L.A.-based floral and styling studio Moon Canyon.
Why: The prettiest flower arrangements in all the land.
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Photo: via @mooncanyon.
Pocket full of posies!
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Photo: Via @almondsurfboards.
What: @almondsurfboards
Who: Newport Beach-based brand Almond Surfboards.
Why: It's summer?
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Photo: Via @almondsurfboards.
Point made.
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Photo: Via @bethanystruble.
What: @bethanystruble
Who: L.A. style blogger Bethany Struble.
Why: Really, really good summer outfit ideas.
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Photo: Via @bethanystruble.
A great sundress makes for perfect, one-step outfit.
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Photo: Via @tori__hendrix.
What: @tori__hendrix
Who: Tori Hendrix, event designer and stylist at Sitting Tree.
Why: This pile of adorableness, for one.
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Photo: Via @tori__hendrix.
We just died of cute.
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What: @sarahshermansamuel
Who: Sarah Sherman Samuel, L.A.-based lifestyle and fashion blogger behind Smitten Studio.
Why: Super-chic beachy vibes and interior-decor porn.
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Nothing like bright white spaces for summertime daydreaming.