Night Moves: 9 Local DJs Reveal Their Top Tracks, & Where To Catch Them

There's no greater cardio than dancing (except maybe a Barneys Warehouse Sale), and while most of us may not technically have professional moves, we’re all disco queens in our own minds. DJs hold the key to our boogie bliss, and a substandard spinner can totally kill the mood. Since you know we’d hate to see you keep those moves you’ve been working on under wraps (and in front of the mirror), we’ve done a little recon and scoured the clubs, dives, and events to find the top live and local talent.
From the underground to the star-approved, there’s a music mogul here to make even the wallflowers, two left footed peeps, and rhythmically challenged dance, shout, and shake their bodies down to the ground. It’s always five o’clock dance o’clock somewhere!
Click through our slideshow to see our top party-starters, where you can find them, and some of their favorite tunes to play right now.
Photo: Courtesy of Droog
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Devin Lucien
If you’re craving a night filled with juicy pop goodness, sbe's golden boy Devin Lucien has you completely covered. His sets are jam-packed with Top 40 hits, and his cuts are as smooth as a Rick Owens leather jacket. He’s not too shabby on the eyes, either!

Where: Tuesdays at Blok, 1650 Schrader Boulevard (between Hollywood Boulevard and Selma Avenue); 323-785-0011, and Thursdays at Greystone Manor, 643 North La Cienega (at Melrose Place); 310-652-2012.
His Top Tracks: “Sweet Nothing” featuring Florence Welch by Calvin Harris, “MIA Bites Our Burka (Spenda C Remix)” by Compadre, and “Swimming Pools” by Kendrick Lamar.

Photo: Courtesy of Devin Lucien
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DJ Pesce
A former publicist and current '80s music fiend, hip-hop head, and always-super-stylish beat buff, Michelle Pesce is a sought-after DJ whose client list reads like a who’s-who of the fashion industry, including publications like GQ, W, Vanity Fair, and major fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent and Fendi. Pesce's old-school flavor and sophisticated charm keep Angelenos grinding at her weekly residency at The Dime.

Where: Thursdays at The Dime, 442 North Fairfax Avenue (between Rosewood and Oakwood avenues); 323-651-4421.
Her Top Tracks: “Pyramids (Chi Duly Remix)” by Frank Ocean, “Pop That” by French Montana, and “Get Free (Andy C Remix)” by Major Lazer featuring Amber Coffman.

Photo: Via DJ Pesce
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Myles Hendrick
Hendrick might as well have written Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Nite,” because he seriously makes us want to move until sunrise! DJ, runway music producer, and Viva Modula front man, this dance-floor conductor and true connoisseur has spun events for the crème de la crème, including Anna Wintour and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. His track selection is outstandingly diverse with hits from The Smiths, New Order, Lauryn Hill, Daft Punk, and The Spice Girls. Trust us when we say your Friday nights will never be the same once you've cut a rug to Hendrik on the ones and twos — he has absolutely everything you need to drop it like it's hot until 2 a.m.

Where: Fridays at Palihouse, 8465 Holloway Drive (at North La Cienega); 323-656-4100.
His Top Tracks: “Oblivion” by Grimes, “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” by S.O.S. Band, and “Peace Frog” by The Doors.

Photo: Courtesy of Myles Hendrick
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Them Jeans
It’s fitting that Jason Stewart, a.k.a. Them Jeans, dominates the decks of Silver Lake’s Los Globos once a month for his event Wild Ones (a collaboration with friend Matt Goldman and ChambersClothing), since it’s one of the few places in L.A. to absolutely let loose with no judgment. He seamlessly fuses R&B, hip-hop, and dance music, remixes the likes of Childish Gambino, and channels his inner funny man in a weekly podcast, Tall Tales (he’s 6’8”). Tall, dark, handsome, and talented? Get in line.

Where: The last Friday of every month at Los Globos, 3040 West Sunset Boulevard (at North Vendome Street); 323-666-6669.
His Top Tracks: "Latch" featuring Sam Smith by Disclosure, "Don't Go (Dusky Remix)" by Justin Martin, and "Talk Show Host (LOL Boys edit)" by Radiohead.

Photo: Courtesy of Them Jeans
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Andrei Osyka, Brett Griffin, and Justin Sloe, better known as Droog, turned DTLA's Standard Hotel into an international clubbing experience this summer with their daytime pool parties and house-centric sounds. Be one of the first to see them turn it out at their latest residency at the soon-to-open Sound nightclub, which will replace the former Element space.

Where: Fridays and Saturdays at Sound, 1642 Las Palmas Avenue (between Hollywood Boulevard and Selma Avenue); no phone.
Their Top Tracks: “Rude” by Droog and Inxec, “Breakfast Club” by Manik, and “Baby Don’t Stop” by System Of Survival.

Photo: Courtesy of Droog
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Ian Boyd
When recent L.A. transplant Ian Boyd isn’t clocking in at the barbershop, he’s spinning anything from Two Door Cinema Club to Paul Simon at Blind Barber. The incredibly charismatic music aficionado educates the Friday evening crowd with some NYC flavor. Equal parts modern and nostalgic, his sets will have you shamelessly belting oldies and indie rock back-to-back and wiggling your way onto the tiny dance floor.

Where: Fridays at Blind Barber, 10797 Washington Boulevard (at Glendon Avenue); 310-841-6679.
His Top Tracks: "Sixteen" by Rick Ross featuring Andre 3000, "With You" by Flight Facilities, and "Lie to You (Original Mix)" by Brass Knuckles.

Photo: Courtesy of Ian Boyd
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Samo Sound Boy
Sam Griesemer, a.k.a. Samo Sound Boy, is making serious waves in the L.A. dance-music scene: He opened up for British siblings and garage-house duo Disclosure at the El Rey on Halloween night, has been a frequent performer at The Boiler Room, and last year co-founded his label Body High with LOL Boys affiliate Jerome Potter. Griesemer's passion for tunes is super contagious, and his stage presence balances surges of energy with a refined nonchalant vibe.

Where: Check here for tour dates.
His Top Tracks: “RIP Tribute” by DJ Funeral, “No Pain” by Delivery, and “Bubble Boy” by Jim-E Stack.

Photo: Courtesy of Samo Sound Boy
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Jerome LOL
Jerome Potter, one half of the newly disbanded LOL Boys, takes delicious pop songs like Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and gives them a major-yet-relaxed makeover. Mixed for before, at, and after the club, his sounds and song selections seem to be the ideal soundtrack no matter what the occasion. He also co-owns the popular L.A. label Body High, whose artists often perform in the L.A. Boiler Room outfit. His down-for-whatever stage energy matches the laid-back grooves he spins at various low-key scene-devoid venues around town.

His Top Tracks: “Stolen Dog” by Burial, “One” by Admin, and “I Got That” by Bondax.

Photo: Courtesy of Jerome LOL
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DJ Harvey
All inhibitions should be checked at the door for this one! The only thing you need for Harvey Bassett’s Sarcastic Disco (a collaboration with Sarcastic Clothing) events are your dancing shoes. Part of the appeal is the DJ's mystique, popping up sporadically in random L.A. venues and spinning for hours on end. As many times as we’ve tried to convince ourselves otherwise, we still can’t help but love the chase. The concept satisfies our lust for the unknown and for the discothèque. Locations for the phenomenon change for every event, and it’s likely you won’t know where or when until that very day. Oh, and it’s rumored that he'll open his own local venue in 2014. Trust — you’re going to want to purchase flats in bulk for that.

Where: Catch him at one of his quarterly Sarcastic Disco parties (various locations)
What: “Telephone/Berghain” by Locussolus, “Deez Nuts” by MaceoPlex, “Camel Toe Central” by Velvet Season and The Hearts Of Gold.

Photo: Via DJ Harvey