The 10 Stages Of Wearing Red Lipstick

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Red lipstick, what would we do without you? No makeup trick is more face-brightening than a swipe of scarlet. It comes in many forms — cool-toned, warm-toned, matte, glossy, liquid, cream, sheer, opaque — but however you wear yours, it will always take your look to the next level. If mascara and concealer are the jeans and T-shirt of makeup, red lipstick is the show-stopping dress.

But just because we're obsessed with the look doesn't mean it's easy to wear — trust us, there’s a whole science to it. Red lips require formula experimentation, diligent maintenance, and a willingness to stand out. And once you take the plunge, your day is guaranteed to be filled with ups and downs, teeth checks, and smudging concerns. Hey, that's okay: We're all in this together.

So throw on some Ruby Woo (or other shade of choice), and click through to see what a day in the life of a lady in red is like.
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Stage 1: Wake Up Feeling Brave
Rise and shine! It’s a new day and another opportunity to wow everyone with a bold beauty choice. For some, red lips are an everyday affair, but for the rest of us, they’re reserved for mornings with a dash of courage.
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Stage 2: Time To Apply
It’s really not as easy as it looks. Red lips are a dime a dozen on the red carpet, but that’s because celebs have makeup artists to apply, touch up, and care for their puckers. For everyone else, it takes serious concentration.
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Stage 3: Mirror Check
There’s no denying that red lips take your look up a notch or two. It’s the simple beauty trick for feeling on top of the world.
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Stage 4: Worry Sets In
You're out the door, the lipstick looks good, but that doesn’t mean you don’t question your decision. Is it too much with the other makeup you’re wearing? Does it clash with your outfit? Does any of that even matter?
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Stage 5: Reaffirmation
Thankfully, your work buddies have good taste and compliment your choice. Nothing feels better than being greeted by a comment on how good you look (and an almost empty inbox) when you get to your desk.
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Stage 6: Time For (Another) Touchup
With all that can go wrong with touching your mouth, licking your lips, or consuming anything, red lipstick should come with a warning. You’re going to need to touch up — a lot. Matte formulas don’t need as much maintenance, but they still require frequent checks to ensure things look fresh.
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Stage 7: Navigating A Sandwich
Oh, boy. Lunch is usually your favorite time of day, but it can get tricky with bright lips. If you’re not careful, product could go from your lips to your lunch to your face, or worse — your clothes.
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Stage 8: Happy Hour
Time to go home after a long day of work and lip maintenance, but not before going out and grabbing a drink with your girls — because you look that good. At times like these, you might as well step out with your squad.
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Stage 9: Your Crowning Moment
A stranger on the train asks you what color you're wearing, and you feel like a queen. Nicki Minaj knows that in a #FeelingMyself moment, nothing fuels that confidence boost better than when a stranger recognizes your greatness.
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Stage 10: And, Good Night
Red is a universally flattering color, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. Nudes, pinks, purples, browns, and beyond can provide just as much satisfaction as a fiery red. It’s all about the attitude.
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