How To Pack Only One Pair Of Jeans For Your Next Trip

The struggle is always the same: You’re heading out for another long weekend and you vow to pack light and swear everything will fit easily into your carry-on. Since I travel quite often for work, and my family lives across the country, I’ve found myself in this packing-efficiently-for a-three-day-weekend scenario quite often. After years of practice, I’ve learned many-a lesson: But the most important one has been understanding how vital the perfect pair jeans is — and convincing yourself that one pair is all you really need to bring.

I’m a Levi’s girl at heart; I admire the heritage of the brand, the feel of that thicker denim, and the way its structured lines accentuate my curves. That's why, this past weekend, when I attended the Superbowl in Houston, Texas as a guest of Budweiser, I decided to put my theory to the test and bring a classic, darker wash pair of Levi's that could be dressed up or down. From an evening cocktail party and a couple of work meetings, to some hours of exploration and the "big game," these jeans got me through it all. Click on to see how.