The R29 Long Hair Hall Of Fame

We love hair of all lengths, but there’s just something so mesmerizing about super-long locks — and the style is having a serious moment right now. Then there are the truly phenomenal manes that make you want to drop everything and start growing your hair immediately. We're talking truly impressive heads of hair, here.
And in terms of jaw-dropping tresses, only a handful of women have achieved that legendary locks status. From the Birth of Venus to Cher to Gisele, these are the 20 follicularly blessed women who have earned a spot in the R29 Long Hair Hall of Fame.
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Ali McGraw
She may have starred in one of the most romantic movies of all time, but the real love story here is our infatuation with Ali McGraw's hair. Her ingenue look is timeless because of its simplicity and freshness — we wish more actresses would ditch the overstyled prom hair and embrace this effortless 'do instead.

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Gisele Bündchen
When Gisele first made her debut on the modeling scene in the late '90s, there was a lot of talk about her smokin' hot body, but we couldn't stop staring at her hair. We credit her for singlehandedly bringing back tousled, full, beachy waves — a welcome respite from the lank, stick-straight strands of the "heroin-chic" girls that came before her.

Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo
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Birth of Venus
We wish this Botticelli babe had existed in real life, because her immortal mane is crazy. She's got so much hair, she's making clothes out of it!

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Brigitte Bardot
The original "sex kitten" was famed for her inherent sexuality, of which her long, lush locks were an integral part. Men were so enraptured with her that they flocked to her movies in droves, while women copied her signature "choucroute" updo.

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Beverly Johnson
As the first black model to ever grace the cover of American Vogue, Beverly Johnson showed women everywhere that natural hair was chic and sophisticated, too. Her hair was so revered, she actually created her own line of hair extensions. Ironic, no?

Photo: Courtesy of Buddha Records
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Jerry Hall
It's easy to get attention when you've got Mick Jagger on your arm, but Jerry Hall was a master at keeping all eyes on her, thanks to that awe-inspiring river of golden strands. Moves like Jagger? We prefer hair like Jerry.

Photo: Richard Young/RexUSA
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Julia Roberts
We could not for the life of us figure out why Julia Roberts' hooker with a heart of gold chose to cover up her fantastic curls with a platinum-blonde wig at the start of Pretty Woman. Thankfully, she ditched it pretty early on in the movie, so we could fully enjoy the splendor of her spirals as she wooed Richard Gere and gave Beverly Hills retail snobs the figurative finger. This is '80s hair we can actually get behind.

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There are way too many things we love about Cher to list in one story, so we'll limit our gushing this time around to her glorious strands. While we love her locks from pretty much every era, the Sonny & Cher, "I Got You Babe" days are our go-to reference for primo Cher hair. Straight, shiny, and down to there, this was hair made for flipping dramatically over one's shoulder.

Photo: SNAP/Rex/ResUSA
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Jane Birkin
With her silky strands and feathery bangs, Jane Birkin took casual elegance to a whole new level. We're not sure which caused us more envy: Her namesake Hermès bag or her amazing coiff. Alright fine, it's the bag, but still.

Photo: Associated Newspeaters/Rex/RexUSA
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Gloria Steinem
We have so much to thank Gloria Steinem for — the founding of Ms., her tireless crusading on behalf of the women's liberation movement — but on that long list we have to add her unwillingness to bend to societal pressures over her looks. She was considered a very attractive woman, a fact that constantly dogged her as she struggled to have the women's rights movement taken seriously. So, we love that when her long, brown hair started going grey, she wore it with pride, rather than try to hide it with hair dye.

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Penelope Tree
Twiggy gets all the credit as the iconic mod girl, but we think Penelope Tree deserves top honors, as well. Her blunt bangs and choppy layers practically scream swinging '60s cool.

Photo: Lichfield Archive/Getty Images
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Naomi Cambell
Say what you will about her attitude, there's no denying Naomi Campbell has some seriously fierce strands. Yes, we know that's not her natural mane, but Ms. Campbell rocks the hell out of that hairstyle, and we, for one, aren't going to be the ones to tell her she didn't make the hall of fame. Whether she grew it herself or not doesn't change the fact that it looks amazing.

Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo
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Lady Godiva
Lady Godiva is famous for taking bareback riding to a whole new extreme. We're not quite sure what it was about long-haired ladies back in the day, but they're all practically synonymous with nakedness. Maybe that was just our predecessors' subconscious affirmation that long hair is damn sexy.

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Stevie Nicks
When we were drafting up our list of long-haired lovelies, we knew that our favorite "Gypsy" woman would be top on the list. Stevie Nicks has been sporting super-long strands since before most of Hollywood's A-list was even born. She could teach a few of these starlets what it really means to be a beauty icon.

Photo: Fin Costello/Getty Images
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Sarah Jessica Parker
While most of the attention for Sex And The City-era SJP goes to her wardrobe, we think her hair deserves an honorable mention. After years of straightening their hair into submission, many curly girls started embracing their spiral strands after seeing Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie wear them with pride — her best accessory in our humble opinions. Sorry Manolos.

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Lisa Bonet
Looking at this picture of the fabulous Lisa Bonet is giving us some major nostalgia. We wanted to be Denise Huxtable so bad — she just seemed so cool and stylish. Case in point: This epic dreaded hairstyle. If someone had worn this 'do on the Oscars red carpet, we might have been more inspired. Someone needs to get this woman back on TV, asap.

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Katharine Ross
Sure, it was Anne Bancroft that got all of the attention in The Graduate, but we much prefer Katharine Ross' Elaine and her flowing mane. Forget Mrs. Robinson — here's to you, Ms. Robinson.

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Taylor Swift
We never really noticed just how stunning Taylor Swift's hair was until we saw it in all its glory on the cover of Vogue. The combination of the piece-y bangs and textured layers revealed a sophisticated side of the songbird that we had never seen before.

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue
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Penelope Cruz
Although it's hard to tell now because she insists on wearing her hair up all the time, Penelope Cruz has a pretty righteous head of hair. When she does let them loose, we get to admire what is clearly one of the lushest sets of strands in Hollywood today. You listening, Penelope? Let them be free!

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Kirsty Hume
With her angelic face and rockin' bod, Kirsty Hume was everything one could hope for in a '90s supermodel. But it was those silky, flaxen strands that really made her stand out from the pack.

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