How To Recreate Cher's Beverly Hills Mansion In Clueless

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Oh, Clueless — how do we love thee? Let us count the ways...

On second thought, there may be too many to count. In the wake of the classic teen rom-com's 20th anniversary, we've decided to narrow down our field of vision and focus on the reasons we love the movie's totally awesome set design. Because, really, is there any dwelling more enviable than Cher's classic 90210 compound? (The columns date all the way back to 1972.)

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From the marble fireplace to the rose-stripe wallpaper, Cher's bedroom is a Rococo fantasia — a little bit of Versailles in Beverly Hills.
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Get the look with a statement-making vanity table, because you're a total Betty and you know it.
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Nothing says, "named after a famous singer of the past who now does infomercials," better than a tasseled lamp.
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This will frame your departed mother's face (or her living one) almost as well as her Farrah Fawcett fringe.
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On the opposite end of the spectrum, Josh's poolside setup is a bit less...glamorous.
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A chaise lounge is the perfect perch from which to judge superficial space cadets.
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In some parts of the universe — maybe not in contempo-casual — but in some parts, it's considered cool to wear all black and read Nietzsche.
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We found a small tree, but we couldn't get Marky Mark to take a break from his busy pants-dropping schedule to plant it.
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From sandwich-making to burning a roll of cookie dough on date night, Cher's kitchen is a bustling hub of activity.
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You won't be using this monogrammed cutting board sporadically, that's for sure.
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A nice cheese board is a great jumping off point to start negotiations, hopefully about what you'll serve for dinner.
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A resting spot for when your buns don't feel nothin' like steel.
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What better place for a glam transformation than a Beverly Hills bathroom?
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Don't worry, no collies were harmed in the making of these super-plush towels.
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She could be a farmer in those clothes — but the bathroom won't smell like it.
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This bust sort of looks like Mel Gibson if you squint real hard.
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Cher's famously high-tech closet is one of the more fantastical renovations you could hope to undertake in your own home — though someone in the U.K. found a workaround for that — but it's the details in her expansive room that really impress.
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An ornate mirror to frame the naturally adorable view.
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Stash your landline on a gilt-shell wall shelf and put it out of mind — he's not calling until Thursday, anyway.
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A zebra-stripe side chair is the perfect resting spot for your dress — by Calvin Klein, of course.
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Cher's lawyer dad, Mel, has a hyper-masculine office that says, "I've got a .45 and a shovel."
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What's better than crashing onto a leather chesterfield sofa after a hard day breaking in your purple clogs?
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A striped pillow case helps soften the space — and the blow of getting your second notice for three outstanding tickets.
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Pajamas for lazing around or working from home (just don't misplace the August 28th files).
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Cher's gorgeous living room is a great spot for being butt-crazy in love.
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There's nothing like a cushy, slipcovered love seat to help two step-siblings find romance.
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A bouquet of purple iris lends a sweet scent to the sexual tension.
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And, let's not forget a little modern art — Monets need not apply.