Get Toned Fast! The Best 8 NYC Workouts Just For YOU

There are SoulCyclers, FlyWheelers, Bikram fanatics, and Hudson River runners, but no matter how you slice it, it seems that everyone's looking to slim down or tone up in NYC. And just so you don't get left in the dust (literally), we've got the scoop on the best new workouts that you'll actually like. Yep, we're talking to you. We've curated a list that tailors the fitness regime to your personal preferences — and your life.
So, if you've ever wanted to know what it would be like to, say, go to Marine training, this calorie-burning cheat sheet is for you. Buy those skinny jeans now — you'll fit into them faster than you can fill your FNO shopping bag.
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If you: want a bootcamp workout, sans screaming
You should try: Circuit of Change
For your own safety (and to avoid any unnecessary arguments), try this bootcamp-style class with a more gentle approach. Brian Delmonico has created a workout that infuses mind-body principles (each class starts with a Vinyasa-style yoga warm-up and mindful breathing), then launches into a high-intensity cardio session complete with jumping, running and dancing, abdominals and kickboxing. Delmonico’s more enthusiastic/less drill sergeant approach won’t set you off, but is certainly encouraging. You’ll get your sweat on and no one gets hurt.

Circuit of Change, 57 West 16th Street (between 5th and 6th avenues); 212-255-0053.
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If you: want to feel like a Marine
You should try: Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

If you’ve ever wanted to go through a real Marine bootcamp and get a fighting-strong kind of body, Warrior is right there for you. Created by – and with classes taught by – real former Marines, this indoor simulation of a true-to-lifel bootcamp workout comes with an obstacle course, calisthenics, free weights, circuit training, running, and other Marine Corps based exercises. Expect real running, real yelling, real sweat, and real results.

Warrior Fitness, 29 West 35th Street (between 5th and 6th avenues); 212-967-7977.
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If you: want a barre-class alternative
You should try: Chaise 23

For those who are either not interested in standing at a ballet barre or are just over this particular type of workout, this is a great solution. Although there’s a chair involved, it’s hardly a relaxing time. Created by a former competitive figure skater, this workout combines Pilates, aerobics, strength training, and ballet for an intense, sweat-inducing workout that targets trouble areas (under the arms, sides of waist, etc.) and gives great all-around results.

Chaise 23, 40 East 23rd Street, 3rd Floor (between Park and Madison avenues); 212-423-6100.
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If you: want more personal trainer time
Try: Fitness Cell Collective

This Upper East Side gym gives you the experience of playing the field of their incredibly experienced trainers, who, once your goals are set overall, work together to train you, each in their own inimitable fashion. Just think: you don’t have to explain why you were training with someone else and still get great results. It’s a win-win, really.

Fitness Cell, 128 East 72nd Street, 2nd Floor (between Lexington and Park avenues); 212-988-8578.
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If you: like to workout then drink up
You should try: Cobra Club Yoga

No need to travel to the neighborhood watering hole when the bar’s literally inside the building. In what could be the most genius concept to hit Manhattan fitness maybe ever, Cobra Club provides challenging yoga classes with a bar in the studio. You don’t even need to clean up to enjoy your favorite beverage. A bonus is that you can make immediate contact with that hottie you were eyeing in class.

Cobra Club, 6 Wyckoff Avenue (between Troutman and Jefferson streets); Brooklyn; 917-719-1138.
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If you: want to Olympian
You should try: Shockwave at Equinox

A workout created by a world-champion rower from across the pond, this workout is one of the elite gym’s crown jewels. You will work a rowing machine, yes, but then you will experience medicine balls and athletic conditioning on a level that could move you to tears. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you could row the Thames before dinner on your way to a gold medal-winning performance, this is the workout for you.

Equinox, multiple locations.
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If you: want cardio + barre
You should try: Core Fusion Cardio

A common thought about barre classes is that they don’t torch as many calories as, say, a heavy-duty cardio session would. If that’s your thought process, feel free to put yourself on the waitlist for this intense mat-based class created to infuse Core Fusion principles into a heart-pounding cardio session. You’ll pour sweat and race through a series of mountain climbers, kickboxing, and athletic training moves, all the while engaging your core muscles. Calories you will burn, friend. That’s for sure.

Exhale Spa, multiple locations.
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If you: want to crank the heat on your fave workout
You should try: Hot Figure 4 at Pure Yoga

One of the newer additions to the barre workout craze, Figure 4 takes the process to a whole new level with a hot version, performed in a heated room to loosen muscles. You’ll get an intense workout but with more flexible muscles from the heat you might feel a tad more bendable. Just bring plenty of water. It’s fine to up your workout game, but only if you don’t pass out.

Pure Yoga East, 203 East 86th Street (at 3rd Avenue); 212-360-1888.