29 Signs It’s Summer In S.F.

Whether or not you agree with the age-old saying that the coldest winter ever is a summer in S.F.—you are probably acutely aware of the fact that once Memorial Day hits, it’s pretty much bubble coats and tights galore, with a few rays peppered in for good measure. Mother Nature has a funny way of showing her love for us out here, and the brisk BBQs, Fogust overhaul, and the insane jealousy that ignites from tales of friends’ sun-soaked jaunts are abundant.
But hey, we’ll take it — it’s one of the unique qualities that makes our standout city so intriguing. And sure, while we aren’t basking beachside with the rest of the U.S.A., we have our own S.F. summer-centric activities to keep us stable in the midst of these months. From poking fun at tourists sporting tanks and tees, mid-July, to indulging in comfort food all year ‘round, here are 29 bona fide signs it’s summer in San Francisco. Click through to see our indicators, and here’s to hoping September gets here soon (you know, when it actually is warm-weather season around here).
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You know it's summer in S.F. when…

You actually consider leaving the house without a second layer...then wise up and grab a cardi. After 4 p.m., of course, it always feels like fall.
J.Crew Featherweight Cotton Cardigan, $65, available at J.Crew.

Every time Will Smith’s “Summertime” comes on the radio, you cry a little.

You don't have to stand in a block-long line at Bi-Rite Creamery because, well, there actually isn’t a line. It is, after all, 57 degrees.
Bi-Rite Creamery, 3692 18th Street (at Dolores Street); 415-626-5600.

On the days it's not 57 degrees, you yelp at the summer-like temps on your iPhone. Take a screengrab. Then Instagram it.

You find yourself hoarding tights that have gone on sale. Let's face it, you're wearing those suckers year round.

Photos: Via Net-A-Porter, Angela Tafoya, Angela Tafoya
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You know it's summer in S.F. when…

You are obsessively counting down the days until Outside Lands.

You're insanely jealous of all of your non-S.F. friends tweeting pictures of themselves enjoying real summer activities. Especially pool parties.

Treasure Island, Alemany, and Alameda flea markets are in heavy rotation on your weekend to-do list.
Alemany Flea Market, 100 Alemany Boulevard (near Peralta Avenue); No phone.

You can smell veggie burgers on the grill from a mile away.

Your heat bill is more than it is in the winter.

Photos: Via Outside Lands, Treasure Island Flea Market, Angela Tafoya
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You know it's summer in S.F. when…

Dolores Park is at maximum capacity. We’re talking elbow-to-elbow lounging here, despite the chill.
Dolores Park, 566 Dolores Street (at 18th Street); No phone.

Sandals and peep-toe shoes are your idea of “showing skin.”
Rachel Comey Tawny Flat, $403, available at La Garconne.

It breaks 72 degrees and you’re hitting up every patio bar in town — along with the rest of S.F.
Starbelly, 3583 16th Street (between Pond and Noe streets); 415-252-7500.

You get hyped about Dine About Town — then realize it's not that good of a deal.

Every weekend there is a street closure for a neighborhood block party or festival.
S.F. Pride, Market Street (between Laguna and Guerrero Streets); 415-864-0831.

Photos: Via Dolores Park Works, La Garconne, Starbelly
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You know it's summer in S.F. when…

A trip to the beach involves blankets, wetsuits, coats, and hot toddys.

The thought of a Frappuccino makes you shiver. Your summer alternative: A warm cup of brew...in mid-July.
Four Barrel, 375 Valencia Street (at 15th Street); 415-252-0800.

You and your friends play "count the groupies" at S.F. Chefs.

You get angry when your L.A. friends even mention the term "June gloom."

Even thinking about attending the frat-tastic Union Street Fair makes you break out in hives.
Union Street Fair, Union Street (at Gough Street); No phone.

Photos: Via Katie Hintz-Zambrano, Angela Tafoya, Four Barrel
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You know it's summer in S.F. when…

You start working on that fake cough so that you can ditch work and go wine tasting (and tanning!) up north.

Oakland’s Art Murmur reaches its yearly fever pitch.
Oakland Art Murmur, West Grand Avenue to 66th Street, Oakland; No phone.

Karl The Fog becomes your kindred soul. Seriously, who else understands what you're going through?

You spend your weekends huddled around the grill, but not because you’re after the eats. You're trying to keep warm!

You get a good laugh from the tourists sporting tanks and shorts in July. Oh, how little do they know...

Photos: Via Katie Hintz-Zambrano, Oakland Art Murmur, Karl The Fog
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You know it's summer in S.F. when…

The rest of the country is noshing on popsicles and summer salads, you’re still chowing down on comfort food.
The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, 1 South Park Avenue (at 2nd Street); 415-243-0107.

It's a ghost town in the city on weekends because everyone is flocking to Russian River, Yosemite, or Santa Cruz.

Getting your “beach body” on means nothing to you.

Your summer hobby? Nursing fruits and veggies at the community garden.

Photos: Via Angela Tafoya