Coolest Miami Bloggers Share Their Summer To-Do List

"Read a book" or "work on a tan" just doesn't cut it for a summer wish list in Miami. We get summer all the time. So when the real thing actually approaches, it's up to us to make it special, to go out there and explore all of the options the season brings. Of course, anyone hoping to have the best summer ever needs to set up some pretty excellent goals. For ideas, we asked seriously in-the-know Miamians – those influencers who serve us inspiration, fashion, style, and culture - to see if we could pick their brains for summer ideas of our own.
With such a tight-knit culture of bloggers and writers in this city, we knew each of these gals have their fingers firmly placed on the pulse. And, while all have their own take on food, fashion, and Miami living, their summer wishlist is just as diverse as they are. So check out what MIA's top bloggers have to say...this is when you hit the bookmark button.
Click through for six seriously rad bloggers and their enviable summer wishlists!
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Name: Kelly Saks
Blog: Kelly's Kloset

Our go-to shopping doyenne, Kelly avidly tracks all of the city's sales and shopping — while offering fashion tips of her own.

On Kelly's Summer To-Do List:
  • "Get bikini-ready abs thanks to yoga at Equinox Coral Gables.

  • Enjoy the bluest waters I've ever seen during my boyfriend's family vacay to Treasure Cay. Sunbathing and lobster every day! (Hence To-Do #1)

  • Two words: Swim. Week. Growing up in Miami, I own more swimsuits than I can count. Getting a first look at next season's hottest trends in my own backyard is major. Oh, and the parties aren't bad either.

  • Girls trip! My besties and I are headed to Las Vegas for our annual trip to Miss USA (watching, not competing.) You wouldn't believe what happens when a bunch of pageant girls take over Sin City.

  • Treating myself at the spa. Summers in Miami are HOT, so downtime in a cool, relaxing space is a must. The Agua Spa at the Delano is at the top of my list.

  • Wearing the perfect bikini for all of the above. is my go-to when I want a stylish suit that no one else will have. In a sea of hot bodies, you want to stand out somehow!"

Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Saks
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Name: Shareen Sarwar
Blog: Vintage Mavens

Vintage Mavens started off as a blog, and then became MIA's very own Nasty Gal-style e-store, where viewers can often buy the clothes off of Shareen's well-dressed back!

On Shareen's Summer To-Do List:
  • "Learn how to skateboard without breaking any limbs.

  • Take a trip to Key West, sit around in the sun, and eat lots of seafood.

  • Try not to hop on eBay every week to purchase a new pair of sunglasses (it's an addiction that awakens in the summer).

  • Launch a vintage housewares section in my store (all the adorable piggy banks I've been collecting have now warranted their own storage closet).

  • Eat mangos from the mango tree in my front yard.

  • Learn how to fully use a camera from the best photographer I know (my husband).

  • Dust off my old astronomy books and go star gazing.

  • Take a dip in the ocean as often as possible.

  • Go to Zoo Miami and feed the giraffes.

  • Camping in the Everglades, complete with s'mores and ghost stories."

Photo: Courtesy of Vintage Mavens
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Name: Karla Garcia
Blog: KarGar Ohh Snap

While the name of this blog evokes an "Oh-no-she-di'int" vibe, Karla Garcia means it literally. No one snaps the city as well as this lovely photographer.

On Karla's Summer To-Do List:
  • "Plan and book travel arrangements for New York Fashion Week in September.

  • Visit the beach and not just for street style stalking.

  • Shoot a summer inspired editorial.

  • Work on my tan!

  • Take a few trips to the Keys."

  • Photo: Courtesy of Karla Garcia
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Name: Patricia Guarch-Wise
Blog: Miami Nice

Patricia Guarch-Wise offers a heap of Miami-born attitude, whether she is thinking about how the world bites our fashion trends or where to find the perfect shark-shaped bag.

On Patricia's Summer To-Do List:
"This summer I'm escaping the sweat by heading to Bonnaroo (just kidding, it's even sweatier there), Martha's Vineyard where I work at an artist-in-residency program Vineyard Arts Project, and maybe to Bogota with my grandparents to check out their spy school. Yes, spy school."

Photo: Courtesy of Patricia Guarch-Wise
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Name: Maria Tettamanti
Blog: Wordy Girl

Maria Tettamanti might be one of Miami's most recognizable bloggers...and one of our most memorable subjects of 1 Girl, 4 Looks to date.

On Maria's Summer To-Do List:
"This summer, I want to teach my two-year-old son how to swim. I also want to rock the bikini bod I had prior to having said two-year-old. I would also love to host a bubble-q in my backyard — stringy lights and all!"

Photo: Courtesy of The Wordy Girl
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Name: Annie Vazquez
Blog: The Fashion Poet

Annie Garcia is close to R29's heart, and her positive, can-do attitude (plus adorable styling) makes her a true Miami gem. Her adorbz pug doesn't hurt, either.

On Annie's Summer To-Do List:
  • "Launch Fashion Bloggers Do It Better (Summer Edition) with the Good Will Project girls.

  • Attend a music festival like Bonnaroo or Austin City Limits.

  • Buy a camera and learn how to shoot and take video for my blog.

  • Learn How to paddle board.

  • Create a short documentary in Miami about women's issues here.

  • Visit Spain, see my relatives and have fun.

  • Take a sewing class.

  • Collaborate with a major designer on a limited-edition line.

  • Get my first tattoo. It's going to be the same yellow butterfly on my blog logo, which represents my grandmother.

  • Find my true love."

  • Photographed by Karla Garcia