Your Entire Summer Wardrobe In 8 Looks

When it comes to getting our #OOTD fix, we’re like foodies on a hunt for the next cronut — and New York blogger Lisa Dengler never disappoints. She may call her site "Just Another Fashion Blog," but it's anything but.
Dengler's thousands of followers have come to expect her trademark fearlessness when mixing feminine dresses with structured pieces and vintage gems. But, while she serves up our daily style dose now, her architecture degree could have taken her down a whole other path. Thankfully for our Insta-feed, structural design took a backseat to building the perfect look.
The secret, she says, is using accessories that evoke a feeling: a wide-brimmed hat that creates intrigue, stilettos that make you feel invincible, a leather jacket that covers you like armor. That outfit-mixing magic is exactly why we called on the superstar
blogger to curate her ideal summer wardrobe. Armed with over 30 staples from T.J.Maxx, Dengler created eight hot-weather looks you can copy without dipping into your cocktail fund. So, go ahead, and get the dress and the shoes — throw in the bag, too. You can have it all.
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
The Scene: Business talk over cappuccinos
Her Must-Have Piece: The printed blouse

If business-casual duds aren't your cup of tea (or in this case, coffee), mix in a print for an instant refresh. "It adds some fun to a more professional outfit," says Dengler, who held her work meetings in cafés until recently renting an office. "But, pairing it with bold, solid colors tones it down, so it's not too busy."

Shirt, blazer, and shoes courtesy of T.J.Maxx.
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
With prints, looser, silkier fabrics are the trick. "Every piece can be a little oversized, so it doesn’t look clingy; just make sure they have a tailored cut that still accentuates your body," says Dengler.

For a similar top, try:
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
The Scene: All-night dance party
Her Must-Have Piece: The chic jumpsuit

"Anyone can pull off a jumpsuit!" Dengler promises of this trendy, sometimes-intimidating piece. Here's how to nail the look: Sleeveless or not, always go for a flirty neckline. "So much of you is covered up that you need to show some skin in other ways," says the blogger. Top it off with bright heels for an instant lift. "You want to give yourself as much height as possible, otherwise, the fit can make you look short and stout."

Jumpsuit, shoes, and clutch courtesy of T.J.Maxx.
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
Look for a nipped waist that gives you definition. "The fit is the most important part of the jumpsuit," says Dengler. This classic number checks off all the boxes: Not only is it an all-in-one statement piece, but it comes at half the price of similar ones you might find at a high-end boutique.

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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
The Scene: Downtown boutique-hopping
Her Must-Have Piece: The slouchy pant

When we hit the city streets for a shopping spree, it's an all-day affair — and we need an outfit we'll be comfortable in for all the cross-town trekking, dressing-room pit stops, and bag-lugging ahead. "Slouchy, silky pants are so in right now, and they really allow you to move and feel comfortable no matter what you're doing," says Dengler.

Pants, sunglasses, backpack, and jacket courtesy of T.J.Maxx.
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
For a loose-pants look that doesn't read "lounge wear," seek out a pair that's tapered at the bottom. "That drapey look is really effortless and totally chic," says Dengler.

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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
The Scene: Morning metro ride
Her Must-Have Piece: The carry-everything bag

"This bag has a briefcase feel to it, which I love for work," says Dengler. Plus, the crossbody strap allows for a hands-free commute, which means you can sip your morning coffee and check your Insta-feed.

Bag, jacket, top, skirt, and shoes courtesy of T.J.Maxx.
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
"My bag is basically my office when I'm on the go," says Dengler. "It needs to be big enough for my iPad, my headphones, my camera, my chargers, my makeup, and even a pair of heels if I’m heading to an event that night." Plus, the cool zipper detail lends a bit of edge to the professional vibe.

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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
The Scene: Sun-drenched park day with pals
Her Must-Have Piece: The canvas wedge

Aside from your go-to summery shorts, casual sandals — like these striped wedges — are a must for a low-key weekend hang. "Not only do they have that great nautical summer vibe with the stripes, they’re also really comfy," says Dengler.

Shoes, shirt, and shorts courtesy of T.J.Maxx.
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
"You can walk all day in these," she says. "The ankle strap keeps your foot in place, so there’s no slipping around." Add in the solid heel, and you have plenty of support for whatever post-picnic plans arise.

For similar shoes, try:
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
The Scene: Coworker's rooftop bash
Her Must-Have Piece: The sleeveless button-down

Hot summer days beg for outdoor parties — here in NYC, we head for the roof. This silky top with a hint of sheer is polished and won't stick to your skin. "When you catch a breeze, it gives off that really effortless vibe," Dengler says.

Top and shoes courtesy of T.J.Maxx.
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
Dengler isn't one to shy away from pattern-mixing. "As long as the prints are around the same size, you won’t look messy," she says. "My mantra is to never say no to anything; you never know what’s going to work."

For a similar dress, try:
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
The Scene: Up-and-at-'em workout
Her Must-Have Piece: Statement sneaks

For those who are wary of the neon-sneaker trend, colorful shoelaces are an easy, subtle way to pump up a neutral pair of kicks. "These shoes are universal — they work with anything on top," says Dengler. "But, because they have such great pops of color, they brighten up the whole look."

Sneakers, vest, and bra courtesy of T.J.Maxx.
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
A style staple of the fashion set, sneakers have undoubtedly become the new wear-with-all flats. Go ahead and give those trusty loafers a break — your kicks just got a lot more mileage (for a fraction of the money you'd need to shell out at your department store). "I go running in Brooklyn on the weekends, and I can keep these on and head straight to brunch,” says Dengler.

For similar sneakers, try:
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
The Scene: Long weekend at the lake
Her Must-Have Piece: The one-piece wonder

Bid adieu to your bikini — one-pieces are having a moment. "I think we went through a phase where everything needed to be overly sexy, and now it's more subdued," says Dengler. "Showing a minimal amount of skin in a flattering fit like this leaves a lot to the imagination, which is really sexy."

Swimsuit, cover-up, shoes, and bag courtesy of T.J.Maxx.
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Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
The bright, contrasting stripes in this designer suit help fair skin glow. And, if versatility is your thing, you're in luck: This ensemble can go from sunbathing to Sunday stroll in no time. "You can wear this whole look away from the water, too," says Dengler. "Open-weave knits are right on trend. Just throw on some denim shorts — instant outfit!"

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