8 Ladies Who Loved Lipliner Long Before Kylie Jenner Did

The checkered history of lipliner is pretty interesting. After the way it was used in the '80s (#neverforget), people either love it or loathe it. Recently, it's started to make a resurgence in the beauty space. Suddenly, drawn-in lips are gaining some serious footing again.
But, this trend hasn't always followed the bigger-is-better motto of today's lined lips. While pencil has always been a way to help women and men manipulate their mouths, exactly what that manipulation looks like — and how extreme it is — has been in flux since the dawn of makeup.
Where did it all begin? Hop into our lipliner time capsule and take a look at how this trend has evolved. From Clara Bow to Marilyn Monroe to Lil Kim, see the ladies who loved their liner, and the trends they launched with it.