Linda Evangelista's Sweaty Pits Go Front-and-Center in W Magazine

In one of the most politically charged editorials of the year, W Magazine's new Maurizio Cattelan-shot editorial with the inimitable Linda Evangelista is rife with social commentary that's got us all contemplative about our consumerist lifestyles. Linda gets swept into a corner along with a pile of other used-up ladies in last-night's outfits, slumbers in a sepulchral closet with racks filled with emptiness, and crawls through a cardboarded wall into a gilded room on all fours in an unsettling human-as-materialism's-servant message. The story here is really a hyperbolic representation of what's at the crux of consumerism: Do we shop to acquire goods, or to glean happiness in a way that money can never buy? Are we masters of our purchasing power or slaves to the system? What kind of weak-ass deodorant is Linda using because it doesn't seem to be working? In any case, we're rendered speechless at the moment—both at the gorgeous styling by Camilla Nickerson, and the reminder of the paradoxical situation of the times. Happy Hump Day! (W Magazine)

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