Lincoln Center Unveils New Changes For New York Fashion Week

The upcoming spring '11 shows in September will be held for the first time at Lincoln Center in New York. Yesterday morning, the CFDA, Mercedez-Benz, and the City of New York unveiled their new plans for the venue—most of which make us very happy:
  • The new lobby will feature a new digital signage system where invitation check-ins will be expedited with bar code scanners and kiosks. Hopefully, this means the end of scary-stressed PR girls wielding clipboard shields and pens.
  • The four venues will include two large runway rooms, one smaller runway room, and one space for presentations. There will also be a glass-encased outdoor area for informal presentations (and exhibitionists!).
  • The lobby will have seating. You scoff!—but the seat-less Bryant Park really bummed us out, and we can't wait for the opportunity to take a breather between shows.

So farewell to 42nd street. 62nd? Here we come! (WWD)

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