15 Breathable Jackets That'll Make You Look Forward To Layering Season

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When we're crafting an #OOTD, outerwear is usually an afterthought. Instead, we focus our attention on our ensemble's base, trying to, say, skillfully match the tiny cobalt dots on our blouse with an accent in a similar hue on bottom. Of course, in focusing on such minutia, we forget that nine months out of the year, that careful attention to detail will be sitting unappreciated under a topper.

But jackets don't have to be the Debbie Downers of our wardrobe. In fact, an eye-catching blazer or robe can actually be the crux of your ensemble — yes, even when the weather doesn't necessarily call for them. In the spirit of ignoring seasonality, we found 15 perfect jackets that you can add to your closet right now, whether you're bracing for a too-cold office (or perhaps a chilly-weather getaway?) or simply looking to piece together the perfect street style snap.
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The Futuristic Windbreaker
An anorak that's as sporty as it is sleek and as functional as it is fashionable. You'll never get lost in the crowd.
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The Longline Blazer
A relaxed tie-waist blazer with a longer silhouette puts a laid-back spin on workwear and a more put-together spin on leisurewear. It's a win-win.
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The Corduroy Jacket
We kick ourselves every day for throwing away a grade-school item we thought was done and out. Today's installment: the Easter-egg-hued corduroy jacket.
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The Sleeveless Vest
No sleeves? No problem.
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The Perforated Bomber
You don't have to worry about sweating through your jacket with this extra-breathable number.
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The Dizzying Pattern
This black-and-white bouclé style is unique in that it looks textured, but it's just a print — no need to pet it to find out how it feels. (Unless the wearer's into that.)
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The Printed Kimono
What all your monochromatic looks have been missing, regardless of the season.
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The All-Season Linen
Summer may soon be over, but you can wear and layer this belted number all year long. (Seriously, don't let all those pockets go to waste.)
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The Conversation Starter
Look, Ma, no hands!
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The Barely There Robe
An airy, knee-length coat that has swoosh.
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The Packable Parka
You're always ready for adventure, but adventure isn't always ready for you. Just in case, always carry a parka.
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The Arty Chambray
Skip the painting session, but keep the chambray smock with the incredibly spacious pockets.
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The Revamped Moto
Everyone's going to break out their leather motos soon — which means this year, we're going matte.
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The Fancy Trench
Leave it to Man Repeller to rejigger a textbook fashion item with a dash (or, in this case, sash) of satin.
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The Non-Bulky Raincoat
When it rains, it pours — so never be caught off guard.

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