LCD Soundsystem's Final Shows Create Craigslist Missed Connection Buzz

Yes, friends, James Murphy has trundled off the stage as LCD Soundsystem for the last time. Tears. But, as they say, whenever God closes a door, he opens a window—or fills a horny hipster's heart with love, whichever comes first. As Flavorwire noticed, Craigslist's local Missed Connections section has been bubbling with entries relating to the last few LCD Soundsystem shows at Terminal 5 and the momentary exchanges of anonymous desire that those farewell concerts helped cause. So, because we're suckers for love and, more importantly, suckers for a good laugh, here are the best of the Missed Connections coming out of those shows. Read carefully, concert goers—your true love could be looking for you.
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Jaime or Jamie?

He loved you and your gold headband. You seemed to give him the brushoff, but, given the letter, we'd advise giving him a second look.
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Searching For A White Swan

One way to stay on a man's mind, dress like waterfowl.
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Invisible Vibrations

Damn, this is like something out of an '80s movie here. So intense. Stalker or poet—you decide.
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Pink Hat

Even at concerts, women like men who are handy, like this fellow who helped clear an impromptu dance floor. Mr. Pink Hat, Ms. Red Dress was impressed.
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Hand Rolled

Look, smoking is a nasty habit—but if you're going to do it, this entry proves why you should roll your own. She demands you get in touch.
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He Talks Too Much

You appear to have a boyfriend, you taunt this guy, you wouldn't give him your name, and you told him that he talks too much. And yet, he still wants you. Damn, you must be good looking.
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My Ass, Your "Thy"

Though he readily admits, it could be anyone's "thy". Still, this looks like a match made in heaven—we think you two crazy kids are gonna make it.