These Kitchen Tools Will Let You Hit Snooze On Your Alarm Clock

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but also the earliest. If you're a morning person, who springs out of bed every day ready to tackle your to-do list, then congrats, I bet you have a great breakfast every morning. For the rest of us, though, getting out the door with socks on both feet and mascara on both lashes is struggle enough.

When you're hitting the snooze button like you're on Jeopardy, the most important meal of the day can easily become an afterthought, or (quelle horreur!) skipped altogether. Thankfully, plenty of companies have caught onto our lazy ways and designed corner-cutting tools to make everything from your smoothie to your cereal easier to make, eat, and pack.

Ahead, 12 ways to make even your laziest mornings tastier.
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Brew your coffee, fry up your eggs and bacon, and toast your bread, all in one handy spot. It's either the craziest or most brilliant thing we've ever seen.

Maximatic 3-in-1 Deluxe Breakfast Station, $58.08 ,available at Amazon.
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Toast for breakfast may be the question of a few minutes labor, but perfectly buttered toast with soft, melty butter actually takes some work. Unless you happen to have a heated butter knife, allowing you to cut through even the coldest stick of butter with the flick of a wrist.

MagicLux Tech Heating Butter Knife, $25.99, available at Amazon.
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Or, better yet, streamline the wake-and-caffeinate process with an alarm clock that's also a pour-over brewer.

Barisieur Ltd.The Barisieur, $299, avaliable for pre-order on Indiegogo.
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Or pack a parfait on the go, complete with reusable spoon.

Asobu Chill Yo2go, $12.99, available at Amazon.
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There's even an easy solution for cereal and milk on the go.

E-Z Freeze Cereal On The Go, $8.00, available at Amazon.
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Boiled eggs are a great breakfast option since they conveniently come in their own easy-carry, no-mess case. A good electric egg cooker literally takes all the guesswork out for you: set it to your desired hardness, then go about your routine as your eggs cook. A ding will let you know when they're.

Chef'sChoice Electric Egg Cooker, $39.99, available at Target.
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Is a device that lets you make fresh muffins in minutes silly and single-use? Not when you consider that it will later allow you to make cupcakes in a flash, too.

Holstein Housewares Fun Cupcake Maker, $28.99, available at Amazon.
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Load up the blender's container with your favorite fruits and greens before bed, then in the morning you have a freshly-made smoothie in it's own travel container.

Epica Personal Blender With Take-Along Bottle, $27.95, available at Amazon.
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Brew your coffee overnight and you can be caffeinated in as little as a minute the next morning. Hario's cold brew carafe takes a lot of the mess out of the process: fill up the filter with the grounds of your choice, let it sit in the fridge overnight, and you've got a cold brew concentrate ready to go when your alarm goes off.

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot, $24.99, available at Bed Bath & Beyond.
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Is brewing overnight too much advanced planning? Pour hot coffee in the pre-chilled core of the cup and, five minutes later, you have iced coffee or tea, no watering down or hours of waiting required.

Zoku Iced Coffe Maker, $24.95, available at Amazon.
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Boil one cup of water in a minute, get your French press coffee or tea even faster.

T-fal 4-Cup Electric Kettle, $29.34, available at Amazon.
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Skipping out on warm breakfasts in favor of granola bars? This handy container allows you to pack and separate oatmeal or yogurt and whatever fresh toppings you want.

Sistema Klip It Collection Breakfast Bowl, $6.58, available at Amazon.
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Looking for more early morning hacks? Check out our delicious recipe for PB&J breakfast bars.
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