Beauty Cheat Sheet: 10 Shortcuts For Lazy Girls Everywhere

Some people have it wrong about us lazy girls. Contrary to popular belief, we’re all for spending time on our appearance. Thing is, we aim to be savvy investors, favoring maximum returns from minimal time. Of course, we want to look and feel our best; we just don’t want to spend a ton of time reaching our happy beauty place. Is that too much to ask?
We don’t think it is, especially when it’s so easy to look good — darn good, actually — while speeding up and simplifying our beauty routine. With a few smart shortcuts, it’s possible to spend less time primping and still be a stone-cold fox. Call it the low-maintenance paradox: less effort, more payoff.
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Cheat #1: Do your 'do at night.
Mornings are meant for judicious use of the snooze button — not for hour-long blowdrying sessions. So, why not get styled in your sleep? After an evening shower, work a lightweight styling cream through damp hair. Braid hair into two pigtails, then gently tug at random parts of the braid (this will help you avoid an overly symmetrical, Kardashian look). In the morning, undo the plaits and you’ll be rewarded with dry, carefree, easy waves. Touch them up with a curling iron if you like, or just head out the door.
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Cheat #2: Get a facial while you sleep.
While you’re catching up on some ZZZs, you might as well let your skin multitask. Hugely popular in Asia, sleeping masks are the easiest way to treat your skin right. More moisturizing than a typical night cream, these treatment packs should be “painted” on (with a brush or, more commonly, your fingers) before bed. Be sure to massage the mask in — your complexion, not your pillow, deserves those skin-pampering benefits! In the morning, wake up to a refreshed face. Consider it the next best thing to having a nocturnal aesthetician on hand.
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Cheat #3: Use a lip and cheek mousse.
Lazy girls already know the miracles of multitasking lip-and-cheek products, but there’s a new way to up your game: mousse. Unlike a stain, which has an intensity that can be tricky to control, mousse goes on smoothly and blends easily — making it a fast, no-fuss way to get your blush (and lips) on. YSL’s version has a matte finish that, depending on how many layers are applied, lends a natural-looking glow or an intense burst of color. Either way, it’s gorgeous.
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Cheat #4: Make your dry shampoo work double time.
Dry shampoo is a beauty miracle worker, but here’s the rub: It can make a day-old ‘do look fresher, but some varieties don’t pass the smell test. If you’re going to perk up flat hair with a spritz of dry shampoo, might as well go with a variety that also masks any follicular funk. Alterna's Cleanse Extend variety soaks up excess oil without leaving a powdery mess, and its mango-coconut mélange leaves locks scented with the loveliest hint of the tropics.
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A multi-step nighttime routine when all you want to do is sleep? No, thanks. That's why these one and-done wipes — that get rid of oil and makeup (even waterproof mascara!) — are perfect for helping you hit the hay in record time. Time to catch some Zzzs. Advertisement
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Cheat #5: Speed up your blowdry.
Those thick, fluffy Egyptian-cotton towels are wonderful for post-shower pampering. But, for your hair? Forget about it — they just don’t soak up very much water. So, to speed up your blowdry, start with the most underrated of tools: a towel. An ultra-absorbent microfiber towel simply slurps up moisture, wicking water away from your hair in seconds. Your reward: a speedier blowdry and less damage from heat styling. Easy.
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Cheat #6: Brush your teeth — and your lips.
Got chapped, rough lips? Change that situation by exfoliating them on the regular. All you need is a toothbrush. After cleaning your teeth, give your kisser a little back-and-forth scrub with a toothbrush. Bam! Smoother lips, and you barely needed to lift a finger.
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Cheat #7: Streamline your showering.
No low-maintenance girl wants a dozen products in her shower, right? That’s why two-in-ones are so smart. Conceived in Amsterdam, this brilliant shower foam comes out as a gel before transforming into a fluffy, creamy cleansing cloud. It’s a rosemary-eucalyptus shower gel! No, wait, it’s a smooth-and-silky shave cream! Actually, it’s both — and we can’t think of a more enjoyable way to simplify our bathing routine.
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Cheat #8: Fake awake-ness with subtle shimmer.
The ultimate pick-me-up makeup, highlighter is one of those secret weapons that every lazy girl should have. On its own, it adds a shimmery glow to cheekbones. That’s perfectly pretty — but if you really want to harness its power, you have to get sneaky. Dab the tiniest bit of highlighter over concealer to brighten eyes, or apply it underneath foundation to create realistic-looking radiance. It’s the absolute fastest way to look like you just came back from vacation, even if you haven’t had a day off since March.
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Cheat #9: Multitask with mascara.
Mascara does wonders for your eyelashes, but its beauty powers don’t stop there. Clear mascara can be used to define brows, and here’s why it’s your best choice, lazy girls: No pigment means that if you accidentally glop on too much, it won’t leave you with overly dark brows. (We’ve also used clear mascara to tame flyaways in a pinch.) And, if you’ve got a stray gray or two in your hairline, dark brown or black mascara can cover them up. Just don’t use the same wand for your lashes and your other pretty body parts because, you know, germs.