My Style: Peep Lauren Goodman's Swoon-Worthy Abode & Closet!

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on June 13.]
It's one thing to meet the former fashion director of dearly departed Domino magazine, Lauren Goodman. And it's quite another to be invited into the style guru's North Beach home and swoon-worthy closet. To say that we were inspired after our visit would be an understatement.
The accomplished lady, who currently works as a contributor at NOWNESS and fashion editor at large at S.F.'s 7x7, as well as a consultant for multiple big-name brands, is also a new mother and an NYC transplant who happens to be bringing a major dose of style to the Bay. Need proof? Click through to peep Goodman's extra-chic abode, see her play dress up in four crazy-cool ensembles, and hear how the globe-trotting editor scored a job that dreams are made of.
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Tell us a bit about your job and what you love about it.
"My job changes all the time, which is part of what I love. Some days it’s styling a shoot, doing an interview with an exciting subject, collaborating with a designer on a collection or a retailer on strategy, and acting as a spokesperson. With editorial work it’s about conceptualizing and creating content. I am happiest when learning and pushing things. What I love the most is creating, finding, and sharing beautiful things. That and connecting people, which I always find rewarding."

Lauren in the alley in front of her home, wearing a Balenciaga jacket, BLK DNM jeans, Chloé boots, and a Wendy Nichol bag.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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You are sort of a professional cool hunter. Are there any new artists or designers that you are really excited about at the moment?
"A lot of the time, it’s not just about newness, but what’s just under the radar. I have been doing stories on some of my favorites for NOWNESS, including the legendary model Peggy Moffitt, gorgeous Bibi Borthwick Cornejo, and soon-to-be McQueen intern Maria Romero. Otherwise, I am excited about what Alexandra Cassaniti is doing at Summer Bummer. As an Endless Summer kind of girl, I just love her zinc-nosed neoprene world. Felix Gaona is another luminary who has come into my purview lately. He is a charmed and subtle vintage collector here is San Francisco, with pieces by insider-y designers like Patrick Kelly, Vicky Tiel, and classics like Chanel and Ungaro. A friend turned me onto the work of Peter Coffin recently. His Music for Plants is enchanting."

Lauren's office, highlighted by an African-print couch her husband picked out for her.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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Today everybody wants to be a stylist or a glamorous editor. What do you think people don't realize about the profession?
"There is a Vera Wang story about her first day on the job for legendary fashion editor Polly Mellen at Vogue. Mellen sent Wang home to change because at the end of the day she would be cleaning the floor. It’s a little bit like that. No one wants to work with a diva, just with someone who gets the job done, no matter what. But, the good news is, hard work will get you everywhere."

A vintage book collection sits atop a table.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What's one of the best pieces of advice you've received in your career?
"Make yourself indispensable. And always look busy. My mother told me that last one."

Another look at Lauren's chic office.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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How would you describe your style?
"Two parts classic. One part fashion victim."

What three items in your wardrobe get the biggest workout?
"Jeans, blazers, and T-shirts."

Lauren, on her back steps, in a vintage Paris Blue dress from Painted Bird, a hat from St. Barts, necklaces by Renee Garvey and Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co., a beaded bracelet from Africa, Patricia Von Muslin bangle, and Jane Mayle for Sigerson Morrison boots. Baby Nate's look is by Isabel Garretón, from Mudpie S.F.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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You recently moved from New York to San Francisco. What are you loving about the city?
"I moved in September 2011, before having my baby boy in November. I love the natural beauty everywhere! This weekend we went to the Headlands, a 15-minute drive, and just spent time reading by that gorgeous black beach. I have also become addicted to the views, like at Coit Tower, where I walk with my son. Last but not least, I love food, and this town is about as good as it gets for that."

The master bedroom, decked out in moody blues.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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How would you describe the aesthetic of your home?
"This is my first home with my husband, and it was his first. So, the main objective was to combine both of our styles into a cohesive interior. When I moved in, every wall was stark white, all the furniture was neutral — save for a few pops of orange, which I love — and there were no rugs or curtains. Fortunately, he worked with an amazing architect, Jennifer Weiss. Both he and I grew up on the East Coast and love the sea. And we are both modernists, so that part was easy. We really bonded on the Mexican-blanket-surfer-vibe. But my style veers more glamorous '70s French and his leans Scandanavian and classic Midcentury. When I bought the mirrored Pierre Cardin lamps for the bedroom, he hated them so much, that I lied and said they were for my New York apartment. But once the lamps arrived, he got them instantly. Conversely, some of his earthier and industrial pieces are a nice counterpoint to my too-done tendencies. We each help the other breathe!"

A monogrammed L.G. box and blooms from the Bud Stop on Union Street, Lauren's favorite florist.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What are your favorite decor pieces in your home?
"My Willy Rizzo coffee table. He's an Italian fashion photographer who started to design furniture in the '70s. I love his louche aesthetic. The African-print Parsons couch in my office. My husband picked it out, which makes me love it even more! The bronze bookends I bought at Mantiques in New York. My bookshelves really ground me, and these mini sculptures are like jewelry for books. I started to snatch up vintage Gucci home pieces after my chic cousin bought me a drinks tray for Christmas a while back. A polished-nickel ice bucket and rounded photo frame — with a portrait of our dog, Libby — are my latest additions."

Lauren lounges on her bed in an Isabel Marant vest from Curve, BLK DNM jeans, a beaded bracelet from Africa, and a Patricia Von Muslin bangle.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What would you never be caught dead wearing?
"Never say never. I used to have an aversion to dresses over pants, but even that looks divine done right — hello, Dior and Chanel. And...well...India!"

An enviable collection of Oscar de la Renta bejeweled slippers and Dieppa Restrepo flats. "Since moving to S.F., I am owning the flat, and aspire to be the Imelda Marcos of Dieppa Restrepo," says Lauren. "It's the perfect shoe for this hilly chilly town."

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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Is there anything in your closet that you have yet to wear?
"A white-sequin pouch from Zara. White sequined anything is tacky. But when done correctly, it's tasteful in an off sort of way. This basically sums up my style philosophy. I'll work it in soon!"

A peek inside the closet that Lauren shares with her husband Nate.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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If you had to restrict your closet to three designers. Who would they be?
"Acne for that generic chic. Jane Mayle for whimsy romance and her way of making unworkable things work. Balenciaga for tailoring and general geniusness."

What's the most treasured item in your closet?
"A Christoper Kane zip-front scuba dress from his first collection."

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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Where do you draw your decor inspiration from?
"Lili Diallo! She is a friend and my decorator. We fell in love while working at Domino, traveling to Europe and Nantucket together for shoots. We have a shorthand, and I trust her implicitly. The inspiration for this house came primarily from the homes of perfumer Frederic Malle. He mixes modern, contemporary, classic, and color with panache. Right now, I am adoring the new Jeffrey Bilhuber book, The Way Home, and Oberto Gigli’s Home Sweet Home. Lili just introduced me to the work of Jérôme Faillant-Dumas, too. J’die."

And we die for that print, by Meahan Donegan, in the living room!

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What are your favorite boutiques in S.F.?
"Curve. The buy is so good! Workshop on Union, and Painted Bird."

Blooms and books dot the living room table.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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Where do you get your hair done and what are your go-to hair and makeup products?
"Ashley Javier does my hair in New York. He is a genius, and I do not use that word lightly. Kerastase hair oil and mousse are both very important. I use both on dry hair. I love Make Up For Ever transparent HD powder, and just about every product my former beauty editor colleague Sophie Schulte-Hillen recommends."

Easy, breezy, beautiful.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What are your top spots to eat in S.F.?
"Rose’s Café is my go-to for civilized work breakfasts and lunches. Naked Lunch, with its hipster spread on the splendor of gritty Broadway, is delightful. The cinnamon iced tea (with free refills) is off the chain! Universal Café is where my husband took me on our first California date. We go back for romantic dinners à deux or with friends. Chubby Noodle serves high-concept junk food that we order to takeaway. Avatar's in Mill Valley...I love this place so much, I have no words. And El Paseo in Mill Valley is sumptuously decorated and the food — classic steakhouse fare — is just as fine."

Lauren's minimalist-meets-maximalist dining room.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What about favorite home shops?
"Past Perfect on Union. That's hands down my favorite. This antiques co-op is a treasure trove. I have to stop myself from going all the time. Nest on Fillmore is fantastic. Aria on Grant Avenue and Stuff in the Mission have great finds. Also Summer House in Mill Valley and March on Sacramento."

Is that a Lichtenstein we spy? Why, yes, it is.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What's changed in your life the most after becoming a mother?
"My time. It means something completely different now, because I could be spending it with my son, which — for the record — is heaven."

Lauren, on her back patio, shows off her legs for days in Levi's cutoffs, an Olatz pajama top, Jane Mayle T-shirt, Lulu Frost necklace, African bracelet, vintage turquoise cuff, and Jane Mayle for Sigerson Morrison boots.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What's the best part of motherhood?
"The love. There is so much of it! Making him laugh is just my favorite thing. And sharing the experience with my husband is a dream."

Baby Nate's swoon-worthy nursery.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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Where all the culinary magic happens.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What's your coolest cheap score of late?
"Some leopard-print 'sweats' and a tropical-print peplum skirt, both from Zara."

We want these badass boots so bad.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What do you miss most about New York?
"I miss the electricity. And summer!"

An anything-but-shabby Coit Tower view from the back of the home.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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Lauren — and those legs, again! — perched on the roofdeck.

Additional Credits: House styled by Lili Diallo; Hair and makeup by Katie Nash

Photographed by Andrew Paynter