1 Girl, 4 Looks: Peep The Wardrobe Of R29's Social Media Maven

Here at R29, we're all about good style. But, we normally find ourselves obsessing over everything but ourselves — whether it's the latest fashion news, checking out up-and-coming designers, or marveling at our city's many street-style stars. Since we're constantly shining the lens, we thought we'd take a second to turn the cameras around, and give you an inside look at the sartorial happenings right here at our NYC HQ.
We picked out Laura MacLeod, our very own social media director and queen of all things trendy, to show us her fashion chops. She took time out of her busy schedule of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to flaunt some of her favorite 'fits, and give us some major closet envy. Click through to check out her so-international wardrobe, and learn what makes us tick.
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First off, tell us about your role here at R29...
"Being the Director of Social Media really is a dream job! After being a loyal reader for years, it's incredible to be on the other side to see how much the Refinery29 team really cherishes and loves their fans — I read every single comment, and I'm inspired by you guys every day!"

Theysken's Theory leather jacket, top purchased in Antigua, Mikkat Market shorts, ASOS tights, Aldo shoes, vintage jewelry, clutch, and sunglasses.
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How has the office affected your style, and how has your style changed over the course of your career?
"After my previous life in the male-dominated world of a super-casual advertising agency (think sweatpants in the office), it's a welcome relief to not feel overdressed every day. In fact, I'm embracing my newfound fashion freedom, and my previously closeted shoe collection is thanking me for it."
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Do you have a go-to, when it comes to work-day ensembles?
"I'll be honest — it's a struggle to rip myself out of my standard black-on-black-on-black leather ensemble...especially in the doldrums of winter. But, I can usually make it my own by layering on one of my treasured statement accessories that keeps me from blending in with the New York uniform."
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How does your weekend wardrobe differ from your office wardrobe?
"My weekend staples include (in no particular order) vintage shirts that are a bit too ripped to be office appropriate (despite our liberal HR policies), embracing the bed head with a winter-ready hat, my iPhone (social media never sleeps!), oversized sunnies, and a stiff cocktail."
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What are some of your favorite designers, and favorite NYC stores?
"In a dream world? Clover Canyon, Cushnie et Ochs, Sandro, Phillip Lim, and rag & bone. In reality? On a Saturday I'm thrifting my way through Brooklyn, falling in love at Zara, or filling my shopping cart at ASOS."
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Zara jacket, ASOS T-shirt, rag & bone jeans, Zara boots, Madewell clutch.
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How do you dress for going from daytime meetings to nighttime escapades?
"Because I've always had the privilege of working in a creative environment, I've never really had to ponder the whole day-to-night conundrum. I'd be just as comfortable wearing my favorite leather shorts to the office as I would at an after-hours party!"
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What's the most important fashion lesson you learned, or piece of advice you've received?
"Coco Chanel said something to the effect of, 'Before you leave the house you should look in the mirror and take off one accessory.' I completely disagree. The more the better, especially if they clash."
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Do you have any idols, when it comes to fashion and styling?
"Along with the rest of the world, I have a lady crush on Leandra Medine. I think she's done an incredible job of breaking away from the old guard — leveraging emerging social platforms and organic fan growth to amplify her incredible perspective on personal style. She's basically fashion's version of Justin Bieber."
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Vintage sweater, Zara printed pants, Rebecca Minkoff boots, bag purchased in Guatemala, bracelet purchased in Zimbabwe.
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What trends are you most looking forward to this winter/spring?
"I was excited to see a more eastern influence creeping in at Prada, Miu Miu, and Pucci. I've done a lot of traveling in Asia and have always loved the bold, saturated prints. I can't wait to break out some of my travel treasures for Spring."
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What advice do you have for women aspiring to careers in communications?
"As a seasoned intern (I've been one five times), I'd prioritize securing an internship, no matter how unglamorous. My first supervisor at a magazine was super old-school, and didn't even have a computer, leaving her in a complete tizzy when it came to this new thing called 'social media.' Cue my opportunity to shine! Six years later, I'm driving all of Refinery29's platforms and social media as a legitimate career. There's nothing quite like trial by fire."
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H&M dress, Anthropologie boots, Eugenia Kim hat, Free People necklace, rings from markets in Cambodia and Thailand.
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What would you suggest for a foolproof interview outfit?
"In a less formal setting like PR or communications, I'd recommend a well-placed conversation piece...think business on the top, party on the bottom — or vice versa. In my first interview with Christene, she complimented my crazy floral trousers (which are as close as I'll ever get to wearing a suit), and I knew I had found my new office home."
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What can we look forward to from R29's many social outlets?
"You tell me! We've had an incredible year at Refinery29, and in 2013 we're going to focus on thanking our fans and followers for helping us get to where we are today."