How To Create Your Own Latte Heart Without A Degree In Coffee-Making

While we may have spent the week gushing over high-end threads and fretting over the perfect V-Day present — in truth, it really doesn't take much to make us happy. A good cup of coffee can pretty much make our day. And when that morning latte comes with a pretty, little heart in the foam? That's just an Instagram waiting to happen.
To get you in the mood for this lovey-dovey week, illy Coffee had master barista Giorgio Milos provide step-by-step instructions to make your very own latte heart. It's a super-simple process and just requires some steamed milk and a steady hand. It might take you a few practice tries, so we suggest doing this with some friends, lest you wind up with a crazy caffeine high.
1 shot espresso
4-5 oz whole milk
1. Steam the milk until it's thick and creamy, with not too much foam.
2. Pour espresso into a coffee cup, keeping it slightly to one side.
3. Sword the milk (swirl/spin) in the pitcher until the milk surface shines.
4. Pour the steamed milk in the center of the espresso slowly at first, then increase speed.
6. When the milk is halfway gone, keep pouring, but gently move the pitcher right-left to facilitate the foam-pour.
7. When the milk is almost gone, and the “apple” shape appears, reduce the pouring speed and move the pitcher over and across the surface. The small, remaining trail of foam will pull a line through the center of the apple, creating a heart shape!
If you need a little visual aid, here's Milos making a heart (just for you):
The first pour:
The apple shape:
heart2 The final flourish:
heart3 The sweet result!
Photo: Courtesy of illy Coffee

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