Party Decor For Halloween & Beyond

Hey you, were you thinking about entertaining your friends for Halloween but decided not to because who wants to spend a bunch of moola on some crappy Halloween decor that you a) don't have storage for and b) don't even really like? Well, you clever aesthete, we have a very special roundup for you. We curated a selection of decorative/entertaining things that are appropriate for this spooky holiday and life-as-a-host in general. Mostly we're telling you black, white, gold, and shiny works for all-the-time and party-time.
Read on, read on.
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This somewhat creepy head candle is on sale!
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A gold cocktail shaker set is the kind of festive that we can really get behind.
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This dining set for six is quite chic and can definitely be used year round. Also, on sale!
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If your dining table (or cabinet) doesn't fit dinnerware for six, here's another nice set for a party of four.
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Tasteful lighting is good for any event. You could get really creative and temporarily sheath these in orange tissue paper for a Hallow's Eve-specific look.
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Use these to display some Victorian anatomy drawings. Post-Halloween, you can replace with normal photos of friends and family.
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A cute shelf for keys, wallets, sunglasses and PUMPKINS.
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If you squint, these kind of look like mummies.
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Cover this in tea candles and some baby pumpkins, and you, my friend, have a Halloween vignette.
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With low lighting and a few tea candles, the mood can get pretty spooky (or romantic, whichever).
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Add a little sparkly cheer to your space 365 days a year.