The Minimalist Jewelry Trend Taking Instagram By Storm

If we had written an article about how to wear a certain type of necklace a few years ago, we probably would have been talking about those oversized statement bibs we all went through a phase of rocking on the reg. But these days, when minimalism is king and "naked jewelry" is all the rage, delicate pieces officially reign supreme. And the style that's dominating the trend all together? The lariat necklace.

Often extremely delicate and low-hanging (the necklace typically hits your cleavage or lower), these barely-there chains have become a favorite of celebrities, models, and fashion bloggers, alike — which might explain why we feel like they're all we've seen on Instagram lately. Their popularity, too, is likely due to just how versatile this style of necklace can be; worn alone or piled among some of your favorite baubles, lariats can make a variety of statements without requiring too much effort.

To help you adopt this minimalist jewelry trend, we've rounded up six different (but equally creative) ways to style your lariats (and some goodies to shop, too), courtesy of the jewelry brands and Instagram accounts doing it right.

The Choker Pairing
Chokers have been back with a vengeance, so it's only right that these two trends go hand-in-hand. Double up by pairing your lariat with a single tight choker on top.

Jacquie Aiche
S&H Moonstone Ice Pick Y Necklace, $3,125, available at Jacquie Aiche.
Photo: Via @Jacquieaiche.
The Backdrop
Switch things up by wearing your lariat backwards. With low-back dresses, this necklace will add a sexy and unexpected touch. It's no wonder that this styling tip has become a favorite of cool brides.

Hedgehog Project
Backdrop Necklace, $37, available at Etsy.
Photo: Via @lovemydress.
The Layered-Up Look
Pile on your everyday faves — from chokers to body chains to larger pendants — and wear them all at once for a stunning, Instagram-worthy necklace party. Low-cut or open shirts are encouraged.

Jacquie Aiche
19 Diamond Y Necklace, $5,000, available at Jacquie Aiche.
Photo: Via @Jacquieaiche.
The Wrap-Around
Some lariat necklaces don't actually have a closure, and instead are just one long chain, kind of like a scarf-jewelry hybrid. This leaves plenty of room for experimentation: Why not wrap it around haphazardly, just as you would a scarf, and let it do its thing. (Or, pair with a chandelier earring to take things up a notch even further).

SKINNY By Jessica Elliot
Silver Spike Lariat Necklace, $50, available at Max & Chloe.
Photo: Via @tekoahjames.
The Belly Chain
Come warmer weather, wrap your lariat around the top of your hips to create a bit of bling for your belly. This look is ideal for sprucing up a simple suit or just embellishing your summer glow.

Jacquie Aiche
CZ Rosary Y Necklace, $300, available at Jacquie Aiche.
Photo: Via @Jacquieaiche.
The Backwards Layers
Take that same layered look above and flip it around to create a gorgeous waterfall of different-length chains down your back.

Native Riot Aztec Necklace, $24, available at Native Riot.
Photo: Via @native_riot.

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