Ouch: Lady Gaga Wears A Metal Bikini While Vacationing

We get that at this point, everyone's favorite New Yorker, Lady Gaga, kind of has to dress outrageously when she goes out in public. But you'd think that during her downtime, Gaga could be less, well, Gaga and more Stefanie Germanotti. While vacationing in Crete earlier this month with boyfriend Luc Carl (they apparently had a commitment ceremony in Greece), the singer lounged on the beach dressed in what appears to be a metallic bikini. Slightly Madonna-ish, slightly Trojan, the bathing suit top looks like two golden saucers tied together with string. We're guessing Carl can't be too comfortable with those babies pressed against his back, and let's not get started on the whole rust thing...(Daily Mail)

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