Window Shopping: 15 Stunning Holiday Displays In L.A.

Just because SoCal's chances of a White Christmas are disappointingly low, doesn't mean L.A. residents skimp on the tinsel and trimmings. If anything, it's added incentive to be ultra-festive when the holidays roll around. And, one quick drive around Lala ("quick" being relative to your proximity to the 405) and it's plain to see that the local store owners take their window displays just as seriously as they do their wares.
But, before you drop some serious bones on a full tank, why not save the dough and take a virtual winter wonderland tour of our sunny city? Sure, there's not a flurry in sight, but that shouldn't stop you from sipping hot cocoa as you click through these snaps. Just try not to spill as you scroll — these stunning snaps are that dazzling!
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Saks Fifth Avenue, 9600 Wilshire Boulevard (at South Peck Drive); 310-275-4211.
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Louis Vuitton, 295 North Rodeo Drive (at Dayton Way); 310-859-0457.
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Marc Jacobs, 8410 Melrose Avenue (at Melrose Place); 323-866-3562.
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Barneys, 9570 Wilshire Boulevard (at North Camden Drive); 310-276-4400.
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Dior, 315 North Rodeo Drive (near Dayton Way); 310-247-8003.
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Stefano Ricci, 270 North Rodeo Drive (between South Santa Monica Boulevard and Brighton Way); 310-858-9595.
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David Yurman, 371 North Rodeo Drive (at Brighton Way); 310-888-8618.
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BCBGMaxAzria, 395 Santa Monica Place (near 2nd Street); 310-394-3460.
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Fendi, 355 North Rodeo Drive (between Brighton and Dayton ways); 310-276-8888.
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Nordstom, 220 Broadway (near 2nd Street); 310-752-2701.
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Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook, 8555 Sunset Boulevard (near Londonderry Place); 310-652-9144.
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Chanel, 400 North Rodeo Drive (at Brighton Way); 310-278-5500.
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Neiman Marcus, 9700 Wilshire Boulevard (at South Roxbury Drive); 310-550-5900.
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Anthropologie, 1402 3rd St Promenade (between 2nd and 4th streets); 310-393-4763.
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Burberry, 9560 Wilshire Boulevard (at South Camden Drive); 310-550-4500.