The 8 Best Avocado Dishes In L.A.

Photo: Courtesy of Eric Wolfinger/JS2 Communications.
Considering California's maintained its post as the top producer of avocados in U.S. for quite some time now, one might think we're starting to grow tired of the green, pear-shaped fruit. Well, in answer to that, we have two words for you: As if!
Without out a doubt, the avocado craze continues to rage on — and it may even be bigger than ever before. Loaded on chips, burgers, and, yes, even some desserts, the avocado is — far and away — L.A.'s MVP. Ahead, eight insanely delicious avocado dishes to try around town ASAP.
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The Restaurant: Petty Cash
The Dish:
With a name like that, this better be one holy guacamole. lives up to the hype by making your standard green dip 50 times more indulgent with the addition of salty sea urchin and crispy chicharrón. Order two because there is no such thing as sharing when it comes to this one.

Petty Cash, 7360 Beverly Boulevard (at Fuller Avenue); 323-933-5300.
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The Restaurant: Simpang Asia
The Dish: Es Teler
Avocado for dessert? Yes, please. This refreshing shaved ice concoction is the perfect post-lunch palate cleanser topped with young coconut, avocado, and jackfruit. We suggest adding red beans for an extra kick.

Simpang Asia, 10433 National Boulevard (at Rose Avenue); 310-815-9075.
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The Restaurant: 3 Square Café
The Dish: Avocado Fries
How could you possibly improve a sliver of perfectly ripe avocado? Deep-fry it, obviously! These fruit fries are irresistible — and, there are few greater challenges than resisting mopping up all the remaining chipotle aioli with your finger. This might be a side dish, but, in our opinion, it's definitely the main event.

3 Square Cafe, 1121 Abbot Kinney (at San Juan Avenue); 310-399-6518.
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Photographed by: Phoebe Chuason.
The Restaurant: Humble Potato
The Dish: Avocado Shake
As if it wasn’t already hard enough to resist a chocolate shake, Humble Potato decided to go ahead and throw avocados into the mix. Intrigued? You should be. This is one of the most unique shakes we’ve slurped down. We highly recommend snagging a side of Garlic Parmesan fries, just for a little crunch.

Humble Potato, 8321 Lincoln Boulevard (Between West 83th & 85th Street) 323-989-BAGA.
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Photo: Courtesy of Eric Wolfinger/JS2 Communications.
The Restaurant: Gracias Madre
The Dish: Gorditas
Fast-food chains might have given the gordita a bad rap in the past, but times are changing, and Gracias Madre is here to prove it. These potato masa cakes are piled high with avocado, savory salsa verde, and a cashew cream. Gracias, indeed.

Gracias Madre, 8905 Melrose Avenue (at Doheny Drive); 323-978-2170.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dog And A Duck PR.
The Restaurant: Umami Burger
The Dish: The Greenbird
Sure, there’s not really a shortage of guac burgers around town, but Umami hits this one out of the park. A leaner, meaner version, this turkey burger is brimming with avocado, green cheese, fresh sprouts, and one sassy sauce dubbed green goddess. It almost fools you into thinking it’s health food…and, we don't really mind believing it.

Umami Burger, Various Locations; 323-669-3922.
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Photographed by: Phoebe Chuason.
The Restaurant: Trails Café
The Dish: Avocado Sandwich
Sitting at a picnic table in the middle of Griffith Park has a magical way of making us feel far away from city life. Trails Café is one of those hidden gems that continues to provide tranquil urban escapes while serving up some of the most delicious sandwiches. And, their avocado sandwich might even be their best. It’s skyscraper high, loaded with crisp veggies, sprouts, and best enjoyed as a post-hike reward.

Trails Cafe, 2333 Fern Dell Drive (in Griffith Park); 323-871-2102.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bread & Butter PR.
The Restaurant: Eveleigh
The Dish: Avocado Toast
Move over, peanut butter. Toast just got a new BFF. Slathered thick with creamy, crushed avocado and a gentle sprinkle of sea salt and espelette pepper, this toast is LOADED. Don't worry, you’ll be sitting pretty for brunch in no time, hopefully with a patio cocktail in hand.

Eveleigh, 8752 Sunset Boulevard (At Holloway Drive); 424-239-1630.