Kreayshawn's Definitely Cray — & We Kinda Love It!

Kreayshawn's the kind of chick that buys Cheetos with her first record-deal paycheck. And it's that eff-you attitude channeled into quick-tongued lyrics that's earned her three million views on YouTube within three weeks for "Gucci Gucci," over half a million Twitter followers, and a highly coveted spot on Billboard's Social 50 list. Love her or hate her, girl's got unparalleled rhythm, a style all her own, and an album called Somethin' Bout Kreay that officially drops tomorrow.
We can confirm that Kreayshawn's (real name: Natassia Zolot) following has surpassed mere information-superhighway fandom. When R29 took the rogue rapper to the streets of L.A. for snaps of her whackadoodle ways, she literally stopped traffic! Click through to see what Angelenos were flipping for and a glance into the ingenue's live-out-loud life.
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Somethin' Bout Kreay drops tomorrow, congrats! What kind of sounds can we expect?
"Expect the unexpected — every song sounds different, so it is going to be exotic!"

How long of a process was it to drum up?
"We spent four months on the album, and I took time off of doing shows to focus on it."

What's your creative process like when getting lyrics and beats together? How do you start on each song?
"Usually someone sends me a beat or they play me one, and I usually pick the beat first before I write the song. It’s all about good vibes. You have to be in the right mood to write a song; you can’t just do it all the time — the vibe has to be right."
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You're going on tour soon. What are your greenroom essentials?
"I need SmartWater, Fiji Water, and parmesan Goldfish. I don’t usually put stuff on my rider, but there's always hella milk in the room. I used to drink a lot of milk before a show, so it has always been on my rider. I don’t really drink it before shows anymore, though, so I guess I should take it off, ha!"

What items always find their way into your suitcase when you're on tour?
"I never leave home without really cute pajamas, my makeup remover, and a pacifier."
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You said you want to craft a video for each song on the album — how many do you have left to go, and how much time does each take?
"I think I was fantasizing when I said that — making a video for each song probably won't happen. It takes about two weeks to prep, a month or two to edit from the shoot date, and then, sometimes, they will hold the video. You never know when it will come out!"

What was the creative process like for the video "Go Hard"? We love the animation and set styling — are those all your ideas from A to Z?
"I wrote the treatment for the video and I had a lot of pictures and examples of what I wanted. But, I definitely got a lot of help from the art director and set designers. I wrote it right when I got back from Japan, so it was Kawaii inspired."

You had a full ride to Berkeley Film Institute for two semesters; would you ever want to full-on work in film someday?
"I definitely want to work in film. I would be excited to make my own team of producers and be my own director. Music videos suck nowadays, so we need to get some creativity popping off!"
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When you were in Japan, you performed for 80,000 people. How do you get over any jitters?
"I always get nervous, and the best way to get over it is to just perform. When I'm performing, I forget to be nervous, so it works out!
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Do you work with a wardrobe stylist on your videos? Do you ever get to take home any goodies?
"Yes, I work with my stylist, Kyle Blackmon, on all video shoots. We usually choose vintage stuff, so I usually get to keep everything. That's my favorite part — I get to pick out what I want to keep — it's like fantasy shopping!"

Levi's Shorts, Vintage Fur Shawl, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes
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If you could describe your style in five words or less, what would you say?
"Crazy, sexy, cool, cute, hyphy."
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Where do you like to shop in L.A. for vintage?
"Goodwill on Hollywood Boulevard and military surplus stores."

What's been your number-one vintage score?
"Once, I got these yellow, super old-school Versace jeans. I wore them for a show, and for some reason when I finished, I was covered in mud, so they were ruined. But, that was my most recent good find!"
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What are your most prized possessions?
"My cats, Kitty and Choppa."
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What's been your craziest fan moment?
"Sometimes people cry, and that makes me feel badly. Nobody wants to cry and ruin their makeup, so I always feel bad about that!"
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Do you keep a journal? What kinds of things would we find inside?
"Yeah, I have all of these journals that I've kept since I was like 11 — there are drawings, thoughts, and raps. There are even quotes that I took from people off the street. I have about 20 journals total."

We hear that you have quite the VHS collection! What are your top three fave videos you own, and where do you like to shop for them?
"I usually get them at Goodwill or Out of the Closet. My favorites are Wild Style, Romeo + Juliet, and Spice Girls in America — A Tour Story."
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How do you feel about living in SoCal versus the Bay Area?
"The weather is completely opposite. It's always a million degrees in L.A., and it's hard to do stuff because it's too hot. And the traffic — way more traffic in L.A. The people are different, too. In the Bay, everyone is from the Bay, and in L.A., everyone is a transplant — it makes for interesting social interactions."

Your friend Isabel was on set with you for our shoot; do you often have your girls come to give direction or offer support? Are you still friends with a lot of your Bay peeps?
"Yeah, sometimes my friends want to come. And since Isabel likes fashion, she likes going to shoots and actually gives great input. I usually keep in touch with my NorCal friends from my secret Facebook page. I'm actually going there next week, so yeah, I go there often!"

Nikki Lipstick Top, Lovesick Jeans, Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Shoes
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What's your ideal day in L.A. with your friends?
"I live in Hollywood, and I need an L.A. friend to show me some cool, new stuff to do here because I do the same shit every time I go out!"

Do you find time to date with your crazy schedule?
"I do not have time to date. At all."
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Who are your top three inspirations as musicians?
"Amy Winehouse, Missy Elliott, and Kool Keith."

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Tell us about some of your tattoos and their meanings. How many do you have total?
"I think I have 30 tattoos, but I don't know; it's hard to count. Some of them I've covered up, so I'm not sure if I should count those. They all have different meanings. Some have really deep meanings, and some are just pictures I found on the Internet, ha!"

Hot Topic T-Shirt, JC Shoes Backpack
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You've said that "Gucci Gucci" is about not being a "basic bitch." What are your tips for our readers on how to avoid this hilarious stereotype?
"I think being a basic bitch has to do with your attitude, so just try not to have a basic bitch attitude! But, some girls just can't help it. Some girls are just destined…"

We noticed you're wearing some designer items. Are you now cool with that despite the song's lyrics?
"The highest end I have is Moschino, and they gifted me a bunch of stuff after I did a show for them."

Costume Shop Lace Top, Unif Shoes, Stripper Supply Store Skirt
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We know you love Nikki Lipstick's clothes. How did that relationship begin, and who are some of your other favorite designers right now?
"I think I just found her clothing on Tumblr. Then, I hit her up and told her I wanted to buy some stuff. I ended up seeing her at Tragik’s video shoot, and she had clothes with her. She told me she wanted to give me one of everything she made, and I was super excited. That’s how it happened — she is a young legend. I also like Joyrich and UNIF. I really do usually only wear vintage stuff, though."
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What's your best piece of advice for aspiring musicians like yourself?
"I feel like a lot of people make music to be famous or for the wrong reasons. You have to have pure intentions with art, so my advice is to keep it pure."