Kisua Wants To Bring Afro-Chic To Your Everyday Uniform

World, meet a Kisua, your new go-to staple for simple silhouettes and bright patterns. It's a brand that dares you to throw out whatever preconceived notions you might have about African fashion and see it in a new light.
Kisua aims to bring ready-to-wear African designs into the closets of women around the globe. CEO Samuel Mensah, creative director Danica Lepen, and Brit fashion heavy weight Ozwald Boateng fund each designer they take under their wing. "We fuse traditional elements with a modern vision and know-how," Lepen explained to the Telegraph.
The newly launched Kisua e-shop is challenging the cliché of traditional African "wax patterns and beading" by stocking boldly saturated prints and minimalistic accessories. There are also plans to roll out a footwear line as the site takes off. It's all part of Kisua's mission to show the world the global relevance of African fashion, while, in turn, providing the designers with a platform to sell their clothes and gain business experience. It's a win-win situation, really: You enhance your wardrobe while helping young designers make a name for themselves. What's better than that?
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Kisua Cotton Safari Jacket, $250, available at Kisua.
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Kisua African Print Pencil Dress, $195, available at Kisua.
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Kisua Masai Wrap Top, $125, available at Kisua.
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Kisua High Waisted Flared Skirt, $155, available at Kisua.
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Kisua Cotton Trench Dress, $150, available at Kisua.
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Kisua Tailored Cotton Slacks, $135, available at Kisua.
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Kisua Khaki Oversized Pocket Coat, $250, available at Kisua.
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Kisua African Print Houndstooth Skirt, $180, available at Kisua.
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Kisua Flared Sleeve Cotton Blouse, $150, available at Kisua.
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Kisua African Print Tailored Slacks, $195, available at Kisua.