Kim Kardashian's Tough-Love Style Advice To Mom: "No More Pilgrim Outfits"

Perhaps all those Paris fashion shows and Vogue shoots are beginning to rub off on Kim Kardashian. The reality star-turned-fashion-plate has dished out some pretty hilarious — and on point — clothing advice to her mother. After seeing a photograph of momager Kris Jenner at an event, Kim shot her this #toughlove missive, admonishing her for "pilgrim adams family" [sic] LBD and "omish" [sic] style.
Click through to see the offending look.
Photo courtesy of Rob Latour/REX USA.
The dress in question is a long-sleeved black dress, adorned with a white Peter Pan collar and a pair of inexplicable ribbons at the wrists; it's hardly Amish, but we do see Kim's point that it's definitely not a chic, tight dress.
It's a dress style that dozens of celebrities have recently worn (Alexa Chung, Cameron Diaz, and Julia Roberts to name a few), and actually a reasonably modern, fresh-feeling option — especially when you consider the ruched, shiny disasters a lot of celebrities from Kris' set choose to wear on the red carpet. But, we suppose anything compared to this can end up looking like you're ready to turn Mennonite.