How Many Napkin Rings Does Kim Kardashian Really Need? Peep Her Crazy Wedding Registry


kim kardashian wedding registry

After reading about her recent registry shopping date, we did a little further digging over at Gearys and found Miss Kardashian's full wish-list. It seems like this Humpries-Kardashian wedding is on the fast-track with bells ringing before the end of the year. With an event date listed as October 31, 2011—although we're unsure even she's crazy enough to get married on Halloween—we can only imagine that the future Nets wife is expecting the prezzies to start rolling in soon. We've scanned her list, with everything from a set of monkey statues to 58 napkin rings, and we've come up with our choice of items that only a Kardashian would know what to do with.

Baccarat Cosmos Extra Large Vase, $7,850

Lalique Epis Perfume Bottle, $1,695 (In case she's unhappy with her own Kardashian fragrance bottle)

Lalique Wisdom Figurines, $735

Lalique Soudan Black Ashtray, $1,100

• Napkin Rings:
Rablabs Aleotto Natural Agate Napkin Ring, $32.50 x 18
L'Objet Set Of Four Noir Napkin Rings with Crystals, $150 x 5
L'Objet Set of Four Gold Napkin Rings with Crystal, $150 x 5

kim kardashian wedding registry