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London's Coolest Mums Reveal Their Favourite Kid-Friendly Hangouts

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    Alright, mums, aunties, godparents, and babysitters β€” this one's for you. There's no shortage of things to do in a city as sprawling and cosmopolitan as London, but when your plus-one for the day is still mastering the finer points of shoelace-tying, it's hard to know where to begin. Will little Jasper spit up in the Selfridges shoe department? Are the nudes at the Tate too racy, or just plain boring? And will you forever be known as the woman with the crying, food-throwing tot at Table 12?

    We think not. So, we turned to 10 of London's coolest mums β€” from fashion designers to editors to beauty pros β€” for their top tips on the city's best kid-friendly parks, shops, museums, activities, and more. And with the kids in question ranging from still-in-diapers nuggets to young teens, you're guaranteed to stumble upon a surefire spot that's just right for the youngsters in your life. Eat your heart out, Mary Poppins.

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