How To Refresh Your Bag Game In A Snap

Somehow, right under our noses, keychains went from actually holding keys to becoming our It bags' extra bling. The traditionally ho-hum functional item is no longer just for keeping track of everything floating around your bag: It's a way to personalize a purse so many others might have, or to give new life to one you wear everyday. And while we can probably all thank Fendi for making anthropomorphic poofs cool, other brands are using the moment to show that you can (and should) inject a little bit of oomph into your go-to carryall.
From Coach's cutesy line-up of dinosaurs to Kate Spade's love affair with all things bright and fun, we've rounded 16 options that'll let your personality shine through. If you were looking for a little pick-me-up this weekend, well, a fancy little keychain might do just the trick.

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