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Musical Muse: Up Close With Kemp & Eden's Angelic Style & Vocals

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    It's hard not to fall in love with Kemp & Eden. Effortless, bohemian style, outgoing but not overbearing personalities, and voices like angels — literally, this musical duo gives you that weak-in-the-knees, obsessed-with-a-rock-star feeling — without the rock-star pretension. And perhaps it's because they're story is so real, so unique that they keep each other grounded. At least, that's the vibe we got when we met up with them for an exclusive photo shoot and interview.

    Their history goes like this: The girls met when they were both under the age of 8 and have been best friends ever since. Though Kemp went on to become a model (and a very skilled one at that) and Eden a painter (and a very skilled one at that), they kept in touch as BFFs are wont to do, and it wasn't long until they were discovered by Kemp's now boyfriend, Sean Lennon (yes, that Sean Lennon). It's his veteran ear but mostly their thoughtful lyrics that make the EP so addictive.

    Take their song "Sugarcane Sword" as an example — sorrowful and soothing yet somehow hopeful, their voices mix into a blend of floating notes you can listen to on repeat at any time of day. It can wake you up, lull you to sleep, or serve as the background music to your otherwise stressful workday. But then, of course, when the song is over, the girls are laughing with each other and their audience about a near bee-sting accident where bees (and any animal, really) aught not to go. The girls have vowed to be "virgins," after all — they swear it'll make them "see unicorns"! We're not 100% sure about that theory, but as far as their formula for ethereal beauty mixed with over the top vocal talent? Well, we're sold on that. Click through to fall in love with the girls and their music.

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