KCRW's Mathieu Schreyer Provides The Perfect Fall Playlist

Confession: We have a massive musical crush on KCRW DJ Mathieu Schreyer. So, you can probably imagine how stoked we were to have him spin at our Fashion's Night Out fete with the fine folks at 3.1. Phillip Lim. To be perfectly honest, we spent our entire evening swooning over the sick soundtrack and new fall merch.
By being the go-to music guy at hot spots like Zanzibar and The Edison, Schreyer's gained quite a bit of creative cred in Lala Land. And, thanks to his eclectic ear, the Frenchie can now call himself the music curator for the Chateau Marmont (that's in addition to his very own KCRW show on Friday nights). And, as if those gigs didn't keep him busy enough, the music man produces for his own label, Quires Chicle, and designs wares for his own line, Unknown Soldier.
Somewhere between spinning and sketching, the Parisian took time out of his hectic schedule to sit down and craft a playlist perfect for any upcoming fall adventures. Whether you're keeping cozy in a sweater or about to hit the town, Schreyer's compiled this season's sweetest jams just for you! For those still clocked-in, be warned: You may suddenly start grooving in your office chair.
For Schreyer's take on each tune, click on over!
Photo: Via Mathieu Schreyer
"Walking on the Moon" by Roseaux, featuring Aloe Blacc
"This is a great cover from Radio Nova's Emile Omar under his artist moniker Roseaux. It features L.A.'s Aloe Blacc on vocals and it’s perfect for a chilly fall evening."
"Como Como" by Mala, featuring Dreiser and Sexto Sentido
"I love the Mala in Cuba album from start to finish, however this track stands out to me. If you know me, you know how much I love Cuba, and this particular song takes me back there. It’s soft and deep at the same time, and it really resonates with me."
"The Fall" by Rhye
"Mysterious duo Rhye is at it again and their new single is simply sublime. Unfortunately, we have to wait until early 2013 for the entire album!"
"Heavy Breathing" by Chain and the Gang
"In my opinion, this is the standout track from their last album, In Cold Blood. I am a big fan of their previous record, Music's Not for Everyone, and I encourage you to dig into that one if you like this song. They make me laugh while keeping my head bumping, which hasn’t happened since the mid-'90s when I was listening to hip-hop."
"Run to You" by Courtney John
"This is the perfect romantic song, and it's from my favorite modern Jamaican artist who has a timeless voice, spirit, and riddims. Don't sleep on Mr. John — he’s good for all seasons! His last album was great, and so are his cameos on the last Blundetto album."
"Orchids for the Sun" by Leon Ware, featuring Quadron
"This is an instant soul classic and it blessed my whole summer because I couldn't stay away from it! Indulge now, and if you don't know who Leon Ware is, learn more here."
"Blue Sky Red Soils" by NeferTT
"Now, we're moving on to modern music territories with this gem of a track! It encompasses everything I love about modern soulful electronic music — the repetition of the perfect sounds and a great build up. It’s a sexy tune as well, the whole EP is solid!"
"Dream Baby Dream" by Neneh Cherry
"This remix marks the return of the European ‘90s queen Neneh Cherry. This song is from her last album, which is a straight-up jazz record on Smalltown Supersound. I love the mood, the words, and her voice."
"The Giver" by Duke Dumont
"This track will definitely heat up the cold winter dance floor! Unless you're in L.A., where it's always warm and we never want to let go of summer."
"Don't Get Me Wrong" by Recloose
"Another one of my summer jams is finally available! It carries well into fall because it’s soulful and sexy, which is all I want from dance music."
Plus, check out these five additional songs not offered yet on Spotify:
"O Deus Que Devasta Mas Também Cura" by Lucas Santtana
"Brazilian artist Lucas Santtana does it again! His new album is exceptional and the track I picked is the opening song of the album and translates to, 'To the gods that destroy more than they cure.' This song is hauntingly beautiful — enjoy with or without wine and a blanket."
"Railroad Track" by Willy Moon
"I played his first single to a couple of musician friends when I got it last year, and there's something about Mr. Moon that sticks. And, I think Jack White saw it, too, when he signed him to his label."
"Rock Bottom" by King Krule
"Since I discovered him while he was going under the moniker Zoo Kid a couple of years ago, he has been my favorite new artist. Andy Marshall is so young, so good, so soulful, so deep, and so intoxicating! It’s easy to dismiss a new artist after they get you excited with a couple of tracks and then let you down, but King Krule continues to impress."
"Flowers" by Andrew Ashong and Theo Parrish
"This is my jam at the moment — I listen to it everyday, play it at all my gigs, and got a clean edit of it so I can play it on my KCRW radio show. I love Theo's drums and Andrew’s voice is just so soothing. This song will get you going whether you're about to cuddle up or drive up PCH!"
"No Substitution" Orfeo
"New on the scene, Orfeo is an opera singer of Mexican descent and an L.A. native. He teamed up with Danish golden boy and producer extraordinaire Robin Hannibal for his first single. It's a beautiful journey and the B side is just as good. Give the boy a chance!"

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