Introducing: Music's Bold New Stars

Not to state the obvious, but beauty is a high priority at Refinery29: We cover it all, from the latest trends to the most innovative products to the gurus who share their hard-earned advice. But, to us, beauty involves much more than what meets the eye. The passion, the quirks, and the unique point of view of every woman we admire — that's what real beauty is made of.

So, to celebrate this ever-evolving concept, we're showcasing 11 women who challenge convention. That's why we teamed up with the beauty trailblazers at Revlon for our second installment of Beauty Nation: The New Provocateurs. You’ve met fashion’s rising stars; now, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the fiercest up-and-comers in the music biz.

Up ahead, you’ll get an exclusive look at 11 of the most boundary-pushing singers, songwriters, producers, and DJs out there. Whether they're baring their souls in a poetic piece of lyrical genius or shredding riffs that could blow the roof off Barclays Center, these women are shaking things up with their daring looks, their unconventional sounds, and their fierce determination. Read on, listen up, and discover the beautiful ladies behind some of music’s boldest sounds.

Katie Schecter

The story of Katie Schecter’s career goes like this: Boy meets girl. Boy starts band. Girl totally steals the spotlight in the best way possible. The band, The Henry Millers, may be named after her male partner, but all eyes and ears are on Katie. As the frontwoman and songwriter, she’s like your friend with no filter — except Katie’s thoughts are coming at you over the loudspeaker.
Her no-holds-barred approach has landed The Henry Millers on Vogue’s playlist and helped build its New York cred — the band has played to packed crowds at all of the city’s hottest spots for up-and-comers. With the release of its album — tentatively called Posies — this year, Katie is poised for the big time.
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Why writing is the ultimate risk
"Music for me is writing for myself and really trying not to write for other people. Not that I don’t want other people to appreciate my art, but I want to take the risk of staying true to myself and hope that people will respond and relate to that. The more you can let someone see inside your soul — like the pit, pit, pit — the truest you can be in your art form."
Why I always stand up for my art
"I think the second that you bring your work or your project to someone else, whether that’s an engineer, producer, or label, people automatically want to give their two cents. I’m really open to criticism, but I’m also like, 'F*ck you, I wrote this and this is what it means, and if you don’t get it, that’s okay. I’ll move on and work with someone else.' I was recently just recording my solo project out in Boston, and the label was like, 'This song’s a little long. It’s a poppy song and it should be shorter. Why don’t you chop it?' And, I really felt like it was a country ballad, and I didn’t want it to be shorter. We kind of argued, but I just said there are other tracks on the CD that are meant to grab you instantly, and this isn’t one of them. This is one that you sit with and maybe listen to five times before you even like it. It worked out in my favor."
Being bold or daring means...
"Making me go, ‘That’s sick!’ My friend showed up to something with blue eyebrows. She had literally powdered her eyebrows blue, and I thought it was awesome. When I see someone walk down the street and you see other people taking notice of them, that’s bold. It’s usually the conviction in which they wear something. It’s not so much the actual garment or makeup or hair; it’s more like you have that attitude. You just own it."
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