8 Must-Buy Beauty Products From R29's S.F. Editor

One of the major perks of life as an editor? There's always tons of beauty inspiration flashing across our screens in the form of DIY tutorials — and across our desks via just-delivered boxes of freebies (pinch us, we know we're lucky!). Of course, not everything that we read about or test out makes it into our everyday beauty routines. But, when a winning formula does come along, it becomes a permanent addition to our makeup bag. And suddenly, it's hard to remember a time when we ever lived without it. Such is the case with the following top eight products currently crowding the bathroom counter of San Francisco editor Katie Hintz-Zambrano. From a nail-polish remover that works wonders and also smells good (she promises!) to killer products spun out by new and impressive based-in-the-Bay beauty companies, click through and see KHZ's top beauty picks!
Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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"Even though I already have pretty long lashes, last year I made the mistake of getting eyelash extensions from a local source that will remain unnamed. When they removed them, they cut straight across my real eyelashes! Needless to say, it was somewhat devastating. While growing my actual lashes back, I relied on this new Benefit mascara, which is extremely lengthening and almost falsies-like. The only downfall is the fact that you have to use makeup remover afterwards. But it is completely worth it."

Benefit They're Real! Mascara, $22, available at Benefit.
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"I'm not quite sure how and when I received my first bottle of this magic potion nail polish remover. I think I actually got it while working in New York a couple of years ago and it was so good, I packed it up, and made sure it came to S.F. with me. Recently I've let two of my girlfriends used this stuff — which works super well and also smells like lemongrass! — and they're hooked, too. DazzleDry's three-step polish system is also really great and prevents nails from chipping for weeks."

DazzleDry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover, $10.50, available on VBCosmetics.com and at Raymond Marc Salon, 1310 Mount Diablo Boulevard, Walnut Creek, 925-947-2800.
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"Also on the nail tip, I love the polishes of the brand-new local brand Pams & Kin. It's founded by two lovely local ladies and each of the polishes is hand-made, free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde, and eco-friendly. Plus, the colors are really great, as is the formula."

Pams & Kin Grillz Nail Polish, $12, available on Etsy.
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"Another cool new — and green! — beauty company is Faux Lash, which was started by a group of professional makeup artists in S.F. They use top-notch materials, sustainable packaging, carry a great array of styles, and one of the options — the Lash of Love — gives 100% of proceeds back to women-focused charities."

Faux Lash Audrey Lashes, $16, available at Faux Lash.
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"I've loved this Viktor & Rolf scent since the first sniff and I'm happy that there's been a bit of an uptick in similar sugary scents on the market. My next purchase will most likely be Prada's Candy and my cheapie standbys, however embarrassing, are Victoria Secret's body 'splashes.' Bring on the Mango Temptation, Love Spell, and the like!"

Viktor & Rolf Eau de Parfum Spray, $75, available at Sephora.
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"When I don't have time to focus on doing a great makeup job before an event or photo shoot (um, most of the time), I find adding a really cool lip color instantly lights up my face and does the work for me. With my pale skin tone, i think pinks and oranges work the best. And I'm really loving matte options like this great creamy color by Topshop."

Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock, $16, available Topshop.
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"Even after writing what seems like a million hair articles, I'm still a bit of a hopeless case with my flat hippie locks. One of the best tips I've gotten from the local stylists I work with, however, is to 'dirty up' my limp hair with products so that styles and curls actually stick. Now I'm finally using all of these bottles of Bumble & Bumble I used to redeem as payment for being a B&B hair 'model' (big quotes!) during my NYU days."

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray, $27, available at Bumble & Bumble.
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"Taylor in our NYC office really inspired me with her video on a two-step smoky eye. I've been doing my own version with Sephora's Black Electro liner, which has tiny specks of glitter in it that aren't too obvious. I also love Sephora's navy blue version."

Sephora Black Electro Liner, $8, available at Sephora.