This MUA Shares Her Top 10 Beauty Essentials

"Do you" is a phrase we use all the time when it comes to beauty. It's because we strongly believe that no matter what trend you’re into right now — from subtle monochromatic makeup to more out-there blue lipstick — your look is most impactful and powerful if you wear it with confidence. "It’s about what you know you’ll look and feel good in," says celebrity makeup artist Kathy Jeung.
So when Jeung fills her kit, she looks for colors that'll complement, formulas that work well with her clients' skin tones, and products that'll make them glow from the inside out. It's all of this that makes up what we at Refinery29 have dubbed the "power face." Here, we spoke with Jeung about her go-to product picks. Although she admittedly carries hundreds with her on set (she copped to always having at least 10 kinds of mascara), we had her narrow it down to the ones that work on everyone, from mascaras that'll give you the most intense lashes to a full-coverage foundation that feels just like the skin you're in, like this one from COVERGIRL. Read on to get the look that best suits you.
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Hydrate & Glow

The best makeup looks start with proper skin prep, says Jeung. When your skin is healthy, your makeup only emphasizes that. So look for a super-hydrating moisturizer that'll also boost your natural glow. Her go-to, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, is formulated with olive extract and bisabolol (an oil derived from chamomile), so it'll smooth fine lines and brighten your complexion.
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Set The Scene

You'll want to start out your beauty look with a completely clean face. Jeung loves using cleansing water to freshen the skin and remove excess oil and debris. Her favorite: Bioderma Sensibio H2O. The OG micellar water is alcohol-, soap-, and fragrance-free and removes makeup easily.
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Build A Strong Foundation

Your foundation lays the groundwork for your power face. So when picking one out, Jeung looks for two things: long-lasting wearability and good coverage. This full-coverage foundation from COVERGIRL is super lightweight, ultra-hydrating, and it even features SPF (a must in every skin-care regimen).

*Use as directed.
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Get Even

Makeup artists rave about NARS concealers — and this one is no different. "The creamy formula is flexible. And you can determine the coverage level based on how long you let it set before blending," says Jeung, who uses it to cover everything from breakouts to dark circles. Plus, it comes in 16 inclusive shades.
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Pencil It In

Brows have the power to change your entire look, so a good go-to pencil is a must-have. This cult-classic brow pencil, a favorite of Jeung's, features a super-slim tip, so you can create realistic, hair-like strokes and spot-fill any sparse areas. And since it comes in 10 shades, you won't have an issue finding your true hue for the most natural-looking finish possible.
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Jeung's secret for voluminous lashes might sound costly, but hear us out. She recommends using different mascaras on your upper and lower lashes. "Lower lashes are more sparse, so they need more volume." Her favorite? Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes for its unique rounded-tip brush that gets every last lash — without the mess. For upper lashes, Jeung says to look for a similarly volumizing formula but with a longer, more traditional brush, like this one from Dior.
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Make It Last

The first thing people tend to notice about someone is their eyes — so why not accentuate them? Use a liner to not only help define your eye shape but to create impactful looks. (Cat-eye, anyone?) When choosing an eyeliner, Jeung recommends using a smudge-proof formula with a great color payoff after just one swipe.
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Contour With Care

While Jeung uses contour on clients, she does suggest keeping the look subtle. This will allow you to create the illusion of cheekbones without that dramatic, chiseled effect. To get a just-right balance, Jeung uses Tom Ford Translucent Powder in Sahara Dusk or Sable Voile.
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Paint It Red

"Red is a universal shade that works on everyone," says Jeung. "It makes such a statement, yet it's so simple, because you’re adding just one element to elevate your look." Her favorite: MAC’s classic Ruby Woo. The iconic matte lipstick is loaded with rich pigment that gives you an ultra-vivid color payoff.