Katherine Schwarzenegger On Family & Growing Up

Photographed by: Miha Matei.
At 24, Katherine Schwarzenegger is already the founder of an eponymous lifestyle site and a published author, with her second book hitting stands this April. But, we're most impressed by her ability to be forthcoming, honest, and completely herself.
As the oldest of the four Shriver-Schwarzenegger children, the California-native and USC graduate is temporarily back under her parents' roof. And, like many of us, she's coping with that post-collegiate slump. It's not all bad, though, especially when you've got a core group of lifelong friends, a massive, supportive family, and you live in a city full of fun.
We got the inside scoop on Schwarzenegger's laid-back look, and chatted with her about everything from her mom (who's her role model) to being an overbearing older sister to how her body-image issues prevented her from developing a personal style. Click through to find endless inspiration from one of L.A.'s coolest kids.
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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
Your second book, I Just Graduated...Now What?, hits shelves in April. Tell us about it, and what motivated you to write it?
"I first wanted to write it based on my own personal experience after I graduated college. I felt insecure and like I didn't have a purpose because I didn't know what exactly I wanted to do. Also, I moved back home when I graduated, which was great because I got to spend time with my family, but it was hard because it felt like I was taking steps in the wrong direction. But, then I started talking to people, and I realized really quickly that this was a very common issue. I think knowing I wasn't the only one who felt lost and directionless post-graduation was definitely comforting for me. I decided to interview a bunch of successful people in different careers, and hear about their stories and struggles, and all the things they know now that they wish they knew back when they were young and unsure of themselves. But, it’s also very personal too — I talk about my own struggle and feeling so depressed and down. It’s very real and very revealing."

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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
It's really impressive that you're willing to write about your personal life in such an honest and uncensored way. But, it seems like your first book, Rock What You've Got, which focuses on your struggle with body image and weight, probably took even more courage to write than this new one.
"Yeah, I mean, in the first one I’m talking about getting boobs and gaining weight and losing weight — and then gaining weight again — and hating my body. That was basically me revealing my diary to everyone. As I was writing it, I knew I wanted it to be personal — that it should be a book girls can relate to, and feel like they aren’t the only ones going through these things. But, I realized, that if I were going to do write that kind of book, it would have to have no boundaries. It was a really tough decision for me to go through with it because I knew I had to reveal a lot."
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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
Aside from helping others, what's the best part about writing self-motivational books for you personally?
"With both [books], the experience of writing [them] was like one massive therapy session for me. Both helped me deal with my own issues — just in different ways."
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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
Who are some of your role models?
“My mom is obviously one of my biggest role models. I’m also overly obsessed with Beyoncé. She’s definitely a huge role model for me."
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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
Did you like growing up in L.A.?
"I loved growing up in L.A.! I have a great family, so I feel like I would have loved my childhood, regardless of the location. But, I do really love L.A. I'll always love L.A. For me, it has everything you could ever want in a city."

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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
Were there any downsides to growing up here, or was it all great?
"I think the big downside is kids grow up a lot faster in L.A. Whenever I would see my cousins who lived in Washington D.C., I would realize how everyone I knew back in L.A. were doing things younger and were more in a hurry to grow up. And, even though I love L.A., I don’t know if I’d want to raise kids here, because I saw how hard it was for my mom to do it."
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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
Do you think your personal style has changed a lot over time, or has it remained pretty consistent?
"I’d hope to god that my style has changed dramatically. I’ll look back at pictures from high school — and, even from the beginning of college — and my style was crazy. Like, fully crazy. But, I guess it served its purpose for my age at the time, right?"

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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
So, what caused you personal style to finally change?
"It's really just been over the past year that my style has really changed. In the last year, I’ve become comfortable and confident with myself and with being a woman. Before, I used to be so embarrassed, and I would have to ask my friends if I looked good or what I should wear. It was impossible for me develop my own style when I hated how everything looked on me. But, now, I’m comfortable in my own skin. I'm able to look at clothes differently than I used to"
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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
If you could interview anyone in the world, who would you pick?
"Again, I have to say Beyoncé. Beyoncé always. I find the way she goes about her career and her relationships very interesting. It’s admirable. She’s very private, but at the same time she really goes for it and puts her self out there. She’s definitely someone who goes with her gut feeling."
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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
Do you think being the oldest child in your family has shaped a lot of who you are today? For instance, it makes sense that as the oldest of four, you'd end up writing books that are meant to support and give tips to those who are about to experience similar things you went through.
"Definitely. If you asked any of my siblings about their relationship with me, I think all of them would say that I was like their second mom. Patrick, my brother, always calls me ‘Mom #2,’ and now all of his friends do. I will be walking downstairs, and his friends will literally be like, 'Oh god, I think Mom #2 is up!' I'll ask them a million questions every time they’re going out, and try and get every detail of what they're going to do and where they're going — because, that’s what my mom did with me. But, I guess she still does it with Patrick, too, so he kind of gets it double time."

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Photographed by: Miha Matei.
What item in your closet gets the most wear these days?
“I think definitely my black heels with the pointed toe. Growing up, my mom would always try and put me in her heels with pointed toes, and I would absolutely hate it. They looked so weird and old lady to me. But, as I got older, I started to realize how sexy the pointed-toe heel is, and now I wear them all the time. It’s funny how those things change.”

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