We're All Ears: The Typically Quiet Kate Moss Makes A Documentary

Today's young set of supermodels seem pretty generous with giving us a peek at their personal lives — at least, that's what we'd like to think as we follow Karlie Kloss' Instagram or Coco Rocha's Tumblr — but that's never been the case with the great Kate Moss. Now, preparing for the release of Kate: The Kate Moss Book, the 38-year-old mother is finally letting us all get a chance to understand the public figure from a more personal point of view.
While Moss' book will reveal her favorite photographs of herself, the model will also soon be the main focus of her own documentary. Shadowing the lithe blonde beauty, Telegraph UK reports that the film will not only show the model as she promotes her new book, but finally give us a candid look at the quiet-mannered woman whose heartbreak (yes, Johnny Depp) and turmoil has never really been publicly addressed from a first-person account.
Consider our ears perked and our calendars marked for the date of the documentary release — which, unfortunately like Kate Moss herself, still remains a mystery at this time. (Telegraph UK)
Photo: Via Telegraph UK

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