Exclusive: Kate Bosworth’s Ultimate Coachella Playlist

Sure, we’re counting down the days (three more to go!) until we get to see what the constellation of style stars will don at Coachella this weekend, but aren’t you the least bit curious about which bands they’ll be roving in and out of the VIP ropes to see? Us, too. That's why we tapped the most fashionable festival big shot we know, Kate Bosworth, to spill on what ditties she’s been grooving to in preparation for her desert adventure. As it turns out, the style magnate’s melodies stand out from the crowd just like her top-of-the-line taste in showstopping garb.
From It Brit band Metronomy to that Mazzy Star song from Fear, this amazing audio compilation will have you nodding your head in no time. We even got a sneak peek of a brand-new, ethereal video she shot for the fest, lip-syncing to Duran Duran’s "Save A Prayer" (stars they’re just like us!), and rocking boho-inspired baubles from JewelMint's April collection. Hit play right here, and then click through for her playlist.
As far as we’re concerned, it’s so not gauche to rock out to these tunes in your car just before you catch them live — so go on and blare these bad boys as you bear traffic on the 10 en route to Indio. We've assembled the entire playlist for your listening pleasure on Spotify, so see what Kate has to say below, and then have a listen. Or hit play right here!
Metronomy-TheEnglishRiviera Metronomy
"The Look"
"A young, up-and-coming British band I was introduced to by a friend when I was in London this year. We used their song 'The Look' for our first JewelMint fashion film. It's undeniably catchy in the best way." Buy this artist.
Broken Social Scene-ForgivenessRockRecordBroken Social Scene
"Ungrateful Little Father"
"Broken Social Scene is just so good." Buy this song.
lauraLaura Marling
"New Romantic"
"I have had my eye on this British musician since she was a teenager! Amazing voice, genuine lyricist — really looking forward to her next chapter." Buy this artist.
Ketty Lester-100HitsoftheSwingin' SixtiesKetty Lester
"Love Letters"
"Ketty Lester is one of the greats — all heart and soul." Buy this song.
DuranDuran-RioCollector'sEditionDuran Duran
"Save A Prayer"
"We chose Duran Duran [for the video] because they played at Coachella last year, and it was great to revisit that memory." Buy this song.
TheNational-BoxerThe National
"Mistaken For Strangers"
"The National is one of my all-time favorite bands." Buy this song.
NeonIndian-EraExtranaNeon Indian
"Polish Girl"
"I love their intense rhythm, and hypnotic electronic sounds — can't wait to see this band live." Buy this song.
cat_powerCat Power
"Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)"
"A beautiful voice — so rich and full. Cat sounds like she is from another era. I've consistently had her music on my playlists throughout the years." Buy this artist.
otherlivesOther Lives
"Tamer Animals"
"One of my favorite, newly discovered American bands. They are from Oklahoma, and their sound is not only progressive, but classical-complex, and beautiful. They are on my playlist on repeat, daily." Buy this song.
Photos: Via Metronomy, Broken Social Scene, Laura Marling, Kretty Lester, Duran Duran, The National, Cat Power, Neon Indian, and Other Lives.
Photos: Via Bon Iver, Mazzy Star, Radiohead, La Roux, and Beirut.

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