TGIFoto: Awkward Family Pics, Pooches, And More!

It's quittin' time on Friday, and you know what that means — TGIFoto time! Oh yes — we've got fashion's version of the awkward family photo, Zooey Deschanel's long-lost spirit twin, and a tender, intimate moment between Justin Timberlake and Jessica that didn't make us jealous at all...or at least, as jealous as we usually are. Click through for the best snaps from the week!
Photo: Neil Rasmus/
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This pooch is probably the best party guest we (and Hanneli) have ever seen.

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Beyonce and Gwyneth share a moment. Sorry Carine, you're going to have to sit this Power Girl Hug Fest out.

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Trust us, Karmin. We made the same face as you when we learned how to do your suicide roll.

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Awkward Family Photo, the fashion edition.

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Hannah Bronfman shakes it out.

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This super-cute, matchy-match look on Florence Welch is our version of the tracksuit.

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This is a picture so cute, it could melt even the hardest of Justin/Jessica haters.

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Not to be left out, Rihanna tries out "The Leg."

Photo: Peter Brooker/Rex USA
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With a love of lace dresses and big hair, Zooey Deschanel and Loretta Lynn have more in common than we previously suspected!

Photo: Courtesy of WREN
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Another version of a real-life Instagram camera at the Bar III party!

Photo: Courtesy of Factory PR/Macy's