Wait, Really? Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake Used To Be (Kinda) Roommates?


We always enjoy a Justin Timberlake interview, SNL cameo, movie role (so many recently!)…pretty much anything he does makes us giggle and swoon simultaneously. Although, if we're being totally honest, what's we'd really like to see is more (any) new music, and fewer new movies. Just saying.

But still, we dropped everything when GQ’s 2011 Men of The Year issue came out with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon on the cover. The interview (as you can imagine) is ridiculously hysterical, and covers topics ranging from JT’s old roomie Ryan Gosling to parenting advice from Tracy Morgan. Apparently, Gosling claims that he crashed on JT’s couch back in their Mickey Mouse Club days, but Timberlake debunked that one. “Gosling got his own bed. He didn’t sleep in the couch. He said that? I’m picturing a ten-year old Gosling bumming Malboro Reds off some bum, growing hipster facial hair.” And then there’s the unsolicited baby-making advice from Tracy Morgan, “Tracy told me I’m five years late to making babies. He was like [imitating Morgan]: HEY, YOU SHOULD BE MAKING BABIES, JUSTIN.” Be still, our beating hearts. Check out the rest of the GQ interview here.

Photos: Via GQ

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