Judy Greer On The Joys Of Being A Sidekick

Judy Greer's played BFF to just about everyone — from Jennifer Garner to J.Lo. And, though we love her as the blunt, kooky, slightly off-kilter sidekick, we can plainly see that she's got leading lady written all over her. She boasts unequivocally perfect comedic timing (remember her as Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Development?), as well as a knack for developing interesting, three-dimensional characters that always have us wanting to know more.
On top of having just wrapped her part in Jurassic World, Greer's new show Married premiere this Thursday on FX — oh, and she's got a role in current box-office MVP Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Somehow, in the midst of countless projects, Greer took a breather to hang with us at her super-chic L.A. abode. Click ahead to check out the actress' vintage-meets-mod decor; ogle her laid-back, Cali style; and learn about the joys of being a sidekick. Plus, we also discuss other important things, like how she maintains that flawless, milky complexion; why Chris Pratt is the best; and her relationship with her step-dog, Nacho.
Photographed by Jessie Webster; Makeup by Sage Maitri; Hair by Michael Long.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Are you in the middle of filming something right now?
"No, I just wrapped my role in Jurassic World."

Anything you can share about that?
"No! They’ll kill me! They’ll slit my throat. I had to sign papers."

Can you at least share if you had fun making it?
"Yes! I had so much fun doing it. I loved working with Bryce Dallas Howard. And, I met Chris Pratt for the first time, and I really loved getting to know him and working with him. He's SO funny and down-to-earth. I had heard such good things about him and I was so happy to find out they were all true."

Alasdair shirt; See by Chloe denim skirt; APC shoes.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Greer's chic study is bathed in light.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Your skin is crazy flawless! Any magical tips?
"I started seeing this dermatologist in Beverly Hills about a year ago. She keeps it really simple. She told me to stop using my Clarisonic. That was pretty wild. And, my skin did really improve — it can just be too abrasive. Everyone’s different, though. I have thin skin, so for mine especially it wasn’t good."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Tell us about your dogs.
"I’m obsessed with my dogs. I have a big, white dog — his name is Buckley. The littler black one is my step-dog; his name is Nacho. We get along pretty well. We're still figuring out our relationship."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Never underestimate the power of a white bookcase.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
What are some of your favorite places to shop in L.A.?
"So many! I love Lake in Silverlake. And, I love Creatures of Comfort and A.P.C. Oh, and I love Nordstrom! Oh my god, I love it. It’s my favorite department store. Everyone that works there is so nice; and, also, I love that every Nordstrom is a little bit different."

Vintage dress; Nine West shoes; Stuart England jewelry.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Greer's TV room is complete with a shag carpet and dozens of records.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
A perfect, petite gallery wall.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
A spot primed for puppy cuddles and TV time.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Do you get sick of being dubbed Hollywood's favorite sidekick/best friend?
"I have a great career, so I would be an asshole if I got sick of having a great career. I don’t get sick of the best friend and sidekick stuff. The worst is when people ask me, ‘Why do you not want to star in a movie?’ I’m like, 'you really think that I don’t want to star in something? Why wouldn’t I want to star in something?' It’s not like I actively try to not star in something. I’m sure people are asking Jennifer Aniston like, ‘Aren’t you sick of starring in movies? Would you want to not star in something and play the best friend role and take the pressure off a little bit?’ I want to be there when someone asks her that question."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Oh, hi, Nacho.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Greer's sophisticated living room is punctuated with rad art above the mantle and a bright blue lamp.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Who's your all-time favorite sidekick?
“I love Kit from Pretty Woman. I mean, that movie is everything. It’s the best romantic comedy…the best, best friend role. Oh, and Teri Garr in Tootsie. I know that's a little bit of a stretch, but I love it!"

Comptoir Des Cotonniers dress; Chanel booties; Rolex watch Dream Collective bracelet; Steven Alan bracelet.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Rom-coms get a lot of flack these days. Do you think there's hope for them to make a comeback or do see them as pretty doomed?
"I definitely think there’s still hope for them. And, there’s a desire for them actually. I feel like people are ready for more. There hasn’t really been that many recently. I don’t know what happened, and why they started dying down, but I feel like everything is cyclical — one will come out eventually and it’ll be so awesome."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
We're obsessed with this wingback chair.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
We’re finally seeing funny women getting a lot more recognition. It’s starting to no longer feel like a boys’ club — at least from an outside perspective. Do you feel any sort of pressure being a funny woman in Hollywood right now?
“I don’t really feel pressure, no. I think in all areas of the entertainment industry we need more females. We need more female-driven pieces. We need women writing and directing them. So, while I’m really excited that funny women are having a real moment in the spotlight, I want there to be more funny women behind the scenes. That’s when we’ll really see a long-term change.”
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
The carpet and backsplash add just the right amount of color and texture to the all-white kitchen.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
A Pinterest-worthy design idea: a cork-filled vase.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Your house has such a great look. Did you decorate it yourself?
"Well, I've got to say that I worked with decorators from a store in Silverlake called Rubbish. While, yes, decorating is totally my thing, I just happen to be really bad at it. I tried to decorate my house on my own when I first bought it, and nothing was working. I couldn't understand — I was ordering all of these bits and pieces from eBay and I didn't know where to put anything. I just wandered into Rubbish one day and I was like, ‘I just want my house to look like this store.’ And, I was in luck because they were willing to decorate my house for me."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
We spy Rodin hand cream.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Greer's backyard is perfect for entertaining.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Are you someone that likes to take fashion risks or do you tend to stick with what you like?
"I never know what I like until I try it on. I do like taking fashion risks, but I am the girl that needs her girlfriend to tell her it’s okay."

Madewell t-shirt; Barneys pants; Derek Lam shoes; Stuart England jewelry.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
We'll be here, sipping mimosas by the pool if you need us.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Has your style evolved at all over the years?
"I think that my style has evolved a lot. I mean, of course there are some things that I'll always come back to. I started working with the stylist Karla Welch like four or five years ago. And, that’s really influenced the type of stuff I buy. Before that, I had never had someone be really honest with me about what looks good and what doesn’t."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Don't mind if we do...
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
What do you like about living in L.A.?
"I think L.A. is at its best right now. There’s so much good food to eat. There are so many great shows. There’s great art to see. The bands that are coming through are awesome. I feel like L.A. is really having a real moment right now."