Fashion Prozac: 8 Buys For Instant Happiness

Sure, that new dress in the window may cost more than your rent, but the amount of endorphins it releases each time you put it on, wear it out, or — hell — even think about it makes it totally worth it.
There's a difference about things you buy because you need them and the things you buy because you couldn't bear to imagine living without them. We asked our editors to dish on the items that bring them the most happiness (measured on a scale of 1-10) and weigh in on the amount of joy all of the other picks give 'em, too. Different strokes for different folks, for sure — but let us know which editor's picks made you grin the hardest.
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Christene Barberich, editor-in-chief

"I recently started applying my favorite illuminating SPF moisturizer with a foundation brush, and I can't even express how this additional step has changed my life. It applies the lotion much more sparingly and evenly and it feels super luxurious—it's like a really quick pampering treat I can give myself each morning."

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, $42, available at Space NK; Space NK Foundation Brush, $28, available at SpaceNK.
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"Just looking at these beautiful shoes makes my heart swell. And as Connie mentioned, 'those shoes will bring other people joy, too! I couldn't agree more."

Nicholas Kirkwood Strappy Sandals, $1,090, available at Net-a-Porter.
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Connie Wang, global editor

"I think the only thing I love more than my phone may be French Fries. With this iPhone cover, I get the best of both worlds… and it's a whole lot more delicious than your basic, plastic case. Forget about eye candy — I'm more into iFRIES."

Zero Gravity French Fries iPhone Cover, $24.50, available at Karma Loop.
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"From far away, the skirt looks like your basic, uniform-style staple with brass buttons and flap pockets. From close up… yep, those are smiley face buttons. How could that not bring you joy?"

Charles Anastase Iris Skirt, $323.50, available at La Garconne.
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Kristian Laliberte, senior editor

"I'm a consistent fan of Matthew Chevallard's Del Toro line, and his slippers are some of the most comfortable footwear options for summer. This limited-edition, made-in-Italy pair works well with a linen suit or light jeans...I'd even wear them in the fall with a darker blazer."

Del Toro X Street Etiquette Portofino Slippers, $325, available at Del Toro.
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"I know there's a lot of red, white, and blue striped copy-cats on the market, but I'm still into the Thom Browne signature. While his original collection is a little steep, the Black Fleece range for Brooks Brothers is a good alternative that's still designed by Mr. Browne himself. I'm never not in need of a hold-all duffle, and this roomy option is sturdy and smart. Nothing wrong with some American pride."

Black Fleece Macintosh Duffel, $695, available at Brooks Brother.
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Katie Hintz-Zambrano, senior editor

"I saw this dress in the window at Elizabeth Charles the other day and did a quadruple-take. I love me a blue dress with sleeves and a quirky print and silhouette, and this piece has it all. Seriously, how could you not be stopped in your tracks by this baby?"

Preen Catherine Dress, $1,569, available at Elizabeth Charles.
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"This is simply the perfect shade of pink for me. Not too bold, but definitely punchy enough to brighten up my entire face when I wear it. The formula is super soft and smooth and the matte finish is really beautiful — if you haven't gotten on the Topshop lipstick train yet, you need to buy a ticket now."  

Topshop Lips in Brighton Rock, $16, available at Topshop.

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