Win $2K To Shop Joie's Ethereal Spring Collection

See, when our brains fast-forward to fantasies of summer, we imagine ourselves in a wispy floral frock with an unbuttoned vintage-blue chambray topper. We're laying in the tall grass imbibing the sun's rays, twisting together a daisy crown. Not trying to get too specific here, but we'd describe our ideal warm-time wears as Virgin Suicides meets Parisian escape. And, we want to wear them right now.
For spring 2014, Southern Cali-based Joie took what it knows best — airy feminine silhouettes — and delivered a collection of flirty and luxe textures. Think pastel leathers, linen blazers, and chambray skirts. And, since we're all about sweet deals, we teamed up with the brand to give you a shot at $2,000 to shop its latest line. So, swoon over our slideshow of Joie's whimsical pieces. You will want to get in on this collection immediately (sweepstakes ends April 27).