Inside The New Soho Pop-Up Shop That Has EVERYONE Talking

When we first talked to Johan Lindeberg about his new fashion adventure, this editor was rocking rolled-up khakis and a polo shirt. Probably not the best first impression for the founder of J. Lindeberg, whose bushy beard, biker jacket, and ripped-jeans look doesn't come close to anything resembling preppy. "I hate chinos," Lindeberg told us (blush), and indeed, you won't see them in his brand-new line, BLK DNM, his first foray into clothing since he parted ways with his eponymous company. The collection consists of a full range for men and women, with everything from denim to dresses, tailored blazers, and of course, need-it-now leather. And, for us Gothamists, it's all at POP 1 , a temporary retail space that opened yesterday in Soho. We got the exclusive on the store tour—and believe us, the construction was so down to the wire, we were almost convinced the employees munched some uppers to get it all done for the opening party. A raw concept that somehow works seamlessly with the streamlined apparel, the boutique boasts baroque elements, projection screens, and the insanely cool BLK DNM Gazette, a poster-sized magazine that papers the store with works from Nate Lowman, Scott Campbell, and Terence Koh. We suggest you get down there to scoop up the collector's item before, say, the Olsens do. Just please, please don't wear chinos.
Click through to see our exclusive shots of the new pop-up, plus a Q&A with Johan!
POP 1, 237 Lafayette Street (at Spring Street).
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The exterior of the Lafayette Street store—the windows are covered with recycled invitations to the screening of BLK DNM's Film 1 in February.

Why did you choose to open in Soho? How do you feel about the neighborhood? "BLK DNM was inspired by my experience in downtown New York so it was important to find the right space to communicate our aesthetic and values.
I feel that this stretch of Lafayette has a little more attitude. Tannaz, who works with me, mentioned the other day that she loves that our space is between Cafe Gitane and CafeSelect. And it's true, the location is perfect. POP 1 is off the densely populated streets of Soho and it is in a more gritty area which I like."
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Johan poses outside the store.

You've been in Soho for a long time—what's the craziest thing you've seen?
"Hard to say. I think that's the beauty of downtown. People are able to express themselves and be whoever they want to be, at any given moment... and no one cares. New York is about freedom of expression."
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Johan gets comfortable—on the street—in a sofa he found at a flea market.

What's something surprising about you you're willing to share with our readers that they might not know?
"Maybe that I am a very present father to my daughter, Blue. Someone once said we are like Ryan and Tatum O’Neal in Paper Moon. I am also really good at preparing a Sunday roast…"
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Bureau Betak installing BLK DNM Gazette posters.

Tell us more crazy tales!
"As far as miraculous stories go…. In LA a few years ago, I was food-poisoned and fainted as I drove my black jaguar down Venice Boulevard. I swerved against oncoming traffic, took down a tree and crashed into three new Mercedes at a car dealership. I stepped out of the wreck without a single bruise and somehow managed not to hurt anyone else!"
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The inaugural BLK DNM Gazette, a poster-sized 30-page magazine with magazine with works by Hannelore Knuts, Peter Lindbergh, Jose Parla, and others.
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BLK DNM Gazette editor Aleksandra Woroniecka (wearing high-waisted slim BLK DNM Jeans 6) and Christophe Rihet installing Christophe’s work at Pop 1.

What type of customer do you see coming in to POP 1?
"I have very demanding friends and I hope they will be in to the store since they have told me they like it. I envisioned making a space that is inviting to anyone who is attracted to a place full of creative energy. I think it would be great if I can also attract an uptown crowd. I want our environment to be free and relaxing. I want people to be themselves there, because I often feel a lot of anxiety myself in retail environments because they are so controlled."
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Two hours before the store opening party, Johan surveys his new digs.

You certainly have your own very distinct style. Describe it!
"Attitude with a chic twist. I like the contrast; paring a leather biker jacket with velvet moccasins. A '50s gold Rolex that I wear on my wrist next to a tattoo which my daughter drew. I don't sell chinos, as I like either jeans or tailored dress pants. No chinos…"
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Johan takes an iPhone time out.
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Selection of men's and women's BLK DNM including Leather Jacket 5 and the signature Skirt 1 as seen in Film 1.

How long will the space stay open?
"Six to eight weeks. I hope we will be able to convince them to let us take the space permanently, since we are planning to open a permanent store in September."
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BLK DNM jeans at Pop 1, plus hundreds of copies of the Gazette on packing pellets.
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A portrait of Hampton Fancher by Wes Anderson.
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Johan found these sofas at a flea market and was drawn to the clean lines, worn-in feel and unusual color leather.
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Open-back fitting rooms at POP 1 with chains and raw wood.
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Signature BLK DNM men's tailored grey blazer and tuxedo jacket, with scarf tied in the manner of Johan's personal style.
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The BLK DNM Gazette installation, which runs the entire length of the store.
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The BLK DNM Gazette installation, with a work by Steven Parrino.
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Photography by Stanley Green in the BLK DNM Gazette.
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A BLK DNM Gazette installation (with a projector!) surrounds the custom crystal chandelier.
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Byredo candles over the trough sink before the bathrooms.